By luckygirl - 13/10/2015 16:20 - Croatia - Zagreb

Today, I gave my virginity to my boyfriend. All I got in return was rug burn and an infection. FML
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Redoxx_fml 22

Safe sex is best sex

you better put some ice on that... RUG BURN!!


Redoxx_fml 22

Safe sex is best sex

Redoxx_fml 22

You guess correctly

Not necessarily unsafe sex, when I was a teenager having sex used to make me really susceptible to urinary tract infections. My sister-in-law's a nurse and she said it's actually a lot more common than people think, some women can get them up to once a month.

Yup, some women get a uti near everytime with a condom

Safe sex could have been in the form of using a bed instead of a rug?

It won't happen if you pee after you're done having sex... It's really that simple. The motion of the penis pushes bacteria and other stuff into the super short female urethra. Please. If you don't know the basics about your own genitalia, you shouldn't be having sex.

You think doctors have never told women who regularly get UTI's that? It's far less likely to happen if you pee after sex, but it doesn't prevent it completely, especially in women who get them frequently. If you have sex and it only lasts 5 minutes then going to the toilet afterwards is great, but if you're at it for a while and don't stop to pee every 10 minutes, there's plenty of time for the bacteria to travel to your bladder. Please. If you don't know the basics of everybody else's genitalia you shouldn't be running your damn mouth like you do.

andits 21

First time tends to be bad and sadly one of the most memorable. Sorry it turned out like that for you.

I hate to say this, but YDI. Always use protection. ALWAYS!

ElmoSP3 14

You're not even old enough to have had sex yet...

Yes but just because I'm not old enough doesn't mean I don't know how to be safe. I seem to be smarter than my peers in that sense

I agree with you that using protection is generally a good idea, but how do we know OP didn't? Some things can be caught even with protection, and other times the protection can fail. Maybe OP is just unlucky. Or maybe she didn't take proper precautions. Who knows....

OP said infection, which I took to be a UTI, not an STI (did I read it wrong?). A condom wouldn't prevent a UTI. Sex inflicted rug burn, however, is preventable, though a lot of us make that mistake at least once—live and learn.

Just because she said she got an infection doesn't mean it had to be from not using protection. Yeast infections can be caused by ph imbalances which can be caused by sex in general, and UTIs can be caused from not urinating after sex, both of which have nothing to do with protection.

#4 women become more susceptible to urinary tract infections by having sex, doesn't matter if it's safe or otherwise. You assumed wrong.

katachristic 19

that's right! kneepads! always!

countryb_cth 38

Also some women end up getting kind of a "rug burn" from being sensitive to the condom or not enough lubrication.

Not all infecrions are STIs and STDs. Just so you know... You can get one even with a condom from ther factors...

Damn, that sucks. Invest in some condoms next time!

You can use all the protection you want, it wont prevent a UTI

Tips for your next time: 1) ask your boyfriend to get checked out too before going at it again 2) try out a bed instead of on a rug somewhere 3) practice safe sex

You can also put a blanket down on the floor if you insist on doing it on the floor c:

You can get a Urinary tract infection from safe sex. A condom will not prevent this.

OneFourNine 9

One word: Condom Eight words: You are lucky this is all you got. Twelve words: Go buy some today - and from now on: no condom, no sex. And don't worry, like everything else, sex gets better with time and experience.

UTI's and yeast infections can both be passed with or without using a condom. OP didn't say it was an STI. Don't assume they didn't practice safe sex.

you better put some ice on that... RUG BURN!!

NineeCat 32

Did anyone else read this in Batdad's voice??._.

I think everyone's first time sucks.

Truth! The people down voting your comment must be living in a fantasy world.

nah, not if its with the right person in a natural manner. my first time, was great.

If it makes you feel any better, most people's first time are a bit shit. I know mine was >< I'm thinking you either got a yeast infection, like thrush, which is not uncommon to get after sex (you can get it even with condoms, it's not an STI); or a urinary tract infection, which again is not uncommon to get after having sex. Peeing after sex can help reduce the chances of getting a UTI, and as for thrush, you can get over-the-counter remedies to help with that. As for the rug burn, perhaps next time try using the bed? Hope you have better luck next time anyhow!

My first time was awesome. She told me repeatedly that I was awesome and the best she'd ever had. that I think of it that might be why she charged extra.

blahblah005 16

YDI sorry OP