Rude awakening

By blackcat37 - 28/09/2013 10:53 - United States - Independence

Today, at 6 in the morning, I sneezed so hard I fell off my bed. I guess I'm up for the day. FML
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I lol'ed so hard at this! Sorry op :-(

At least you woke up to 1/8th of an orgasm?


I lol'ed so hard at this! Sorry op :-(

I did too, lol. I keep picturing this in my head.

iammeorami 25

Them hearing the bang in your head when you imagine op hitting the ground

Awww, well that's one way to wake up. Good morning :)

iammeorami 25

I didn't really mane any sense there. I ment that I imagined hearing op hitting the floor.

This is nothing to sneeze at!

45- that didn't make any sense either

Ch_rae5 19

im getting a mental picture in my head of this happening


skyttlz 32

It would suck but be a little bit funny if OP were on a top bunk.

Well, now you're wide awake and ready to start the day!

Well.. Good morning!


At least you woke up to 1/8th of an orgasm?

1/8th of an orgasm? Who sold you that bullshit?

What can I get if I only have 10 dollars?

falon142012 22

Probably 1/16th of an orgasm, or half a bullshit.

What is the price in Internets?

I'd take the bull that way I could just feed it, wait a few hours and have both

nope. cant cheat the system. its a shitless bull.

Well... Shit.

I thought it was 3 consecutive sneezes that was "supposed to be" an 1/8th of an orgasm?

Geeze, have none of you guys passed Orgasm Math in school?? No wonder you're all sneezing on your sexually frustrated partners and wondering why you aren't getting any! Let me print you out a syllabus; my sexually satisfied ass teaches this course! $20 and a bullshit gets you into the class.

The first thing that pops in my head is the sneezing panda video, but at least you will have a longer day now?

you must have a really small bed

Wizardo 33

Sneezed so hard the bass dropped... and so did you.

Mornin' Sunshine! :D

OP has a built in alarm clock. I don't see how this is an FML

AussieChick101 13

I would just get up and hop back into bed. Problem solved :p