By alaskan1989 - 22/01/2011 01:27 - United States

Today, I found out I have a huge infected boil on my vagina. The worst part was that I wasn't the one to discover this. My boyfriend was. FML
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lol that is hilarious almost got a blue waffle now

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well at least he saw it before it got even worse than what it already is. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

That is nasty. Maybe you should be checking your lady parts every once in a while!

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Atleast he didn't eat her out then realize it;)

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My thoughts exactly. How do you not feel that?

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I know. I'd be pretty mad at myself

I'm pretty sure that would hurt really bad... how did you not feel it?

Also, this sounds more like a health FML rather than an intimacy FML because I'm sure one he found your boil the intimacy went out the window for the night.

that's why it's an intimacy FML him finding it ****** up the sex for the day

New category for FML?? Intimately unhealthy. lolz.

I still don't understand this post even after replacing "for" with *for

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I don't know whether to type fail for 8 or 10

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He probably meant "At least it's not inside her ******."

56 - We don't know, but I know you're pathetic/stupid for jumping on someone and calling them stupid for making a silly mistake :)

Yuck. FYL and FY your boyfriends life for finding it.

I woulda stood up and walked out in disgust!! and would not have wanted to ever look her in the face again

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It's unfortunate that people never learn grammar. FYL and YDI for being less than the boil on OP's ******.

you need to shut up. you must be 11 years old and have no idea how the body works. just because they have a pimple doesn't mean they are dirty and nasty. jesus.

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It's not a pimple. It's a lot worse and more painful. And it can be hereditary too, so it's not just OPs fault.

Hey guys, just ignore him/her. Anyone named "spongebobluvr" clearly has some sort of mental deficiency.

hahah this comment, on a comment, makes my whole entire life

You know that FMLs literally take a minute to post right? There's enough time to go to a DOCTOR about it. Therapists won't do crap about this. Unless it traumatized OP to a point where she needs counseling.

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Yes. We should all go see a THERAPIST for boils and pimples. Dumbass

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I'm sorry OP, I kinda know how you feel. I had a boil once, only it was on my ass and I had to get it surgically lanced and cauterized. It sucks :/

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How do you not notice something like that?

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She must be the female equivalent of a numbnutz not to feel that.