By Curt - 06/09/2009 18:19 - United States

Today, I discovered that I don't have Herpes or Genital warts. I have acne on my penis. FML
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Stop jerking it / sweaty hands touching yourself.

Guess mom wasn't kidding when she said you can get zits anywhere.


You should be happy. how is this an fml? You're retarded.

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How about the fact that he has anything on his dick? If it would have been herpes then it wouldn't have been an FML, but the fact that it's not as common makes it one.

Exactly. This is a GOOD thing. People are morons.

But the FML could've been how he found out it was just acne and NOT something else. I mean, he might've had to come out to his parents that he's not only having sex, but he might also have a permanent STD. I don't know about your parents, but mine would be VERY upset if I was hiding having sex, and on top of it, getting an STD. The parents might've taken him to a specialist, and then they lost all that money just to figure out that it was acne. It's not so much as the result itself, but how they came to that conclusion. Same with the girl who's boyfriend balanced things on her. It's how you find out that gives the story more depth.

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Srsly, I would be singing from my rooftop because of the joy I felt.

I agree with #1. How is NOT having an STD an FYL? I would much rather have acne than an STD! Granted, I don't have a penis, but I would presume that having acne on my lady parts wouldn't be very fun, either.

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Today, I'm in perfect health. FML

Fake, this video has it word for WORD!

Really? I happen to have acne on my penis as well. There's probably more people who do. Idiot.

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it may not be an std but i still think its gross! what would u use to get rid of it proactive?

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Dude your life does suck, Im sorry you dont have Herpes.

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put some clean and clear in ur hand an whack off really hard for 5 min. works for me and it's fun too!

... the simple fact that he has acne in... an intresting place is the FML. I didn't even know that you could get acne there... o.0

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why are you sad? would you RATHER have herpes?!

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Stop jerking it / sweaty hands touching yourself.

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I had some acne on my junk for years and it didn't affect me at all. OP Is truly an ungrateful prick.

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Wow. Thats just nastay and mildly creepy

today, I found out that I don't have herpes, FML

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Sweat aand oil don't cause acne. It's maybe the fact that he is active, and if he's not, it's genetic.

Lol Ew so his dad has acne on his penis too?

Acne is nowhere near as bad as genital warts or herpes, but it's still disgusting.

I'd say acne is way better. Shower and it goes away, herpes is forever.

wow id be happy... and yeah ingrown hair probably

are you sure you have acne i mean if its red or watever maybe. but if not it may be pubic hair coming through the scrotom

That's pretty disgusting... But, better than STD's smartone. Shouldn't you be happy right now?

"Today I realized I didnt have cancer after all! Im just bald :( fml"

You're a moron. Baldness is caused by chemo, not the cancer.

human stupidity doesn't stop to amaze me :))

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cancer doesn't make you bald; the chemotherapy to try and treat it makes you bald.

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You guys knew what #8 meant. Wow, i love the thought processes of people on the internet. Guy says something clever, guy makes minor mistake in what he said, people who're barely smart enough to recognize this recognize it and attack him calling him an idiot as if they're infinitely smarter and less ignorant. You all need lives and to stop being so goddamn hostile on the internet, it doesn't make you look good and you're not smart for pointing out others' mistakes.

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I think he was just trying to prove how stupid this FML is..

Maybe if you didn't stick your dick in dirty bitches, you wouldn't have to worry about either. =S

u sound like one of said dirty bitches

It's acne NOT an std moron you can't catch it from dirty bitches

That's supposed to be a good thing. You must live in the reverse world.

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Actually, acne only appear from your forehead all the way to your torso/back area. So, uhm no, this pimple you see, is actually not "acne"... just saying.

Actually acne can appear anywhere you have unless from your torso down is skinless, then you're correct. Also , ever heard of keratosis polaris (could be spelled incorrectly) it's a form of acne, and TONNES of people have it on their thighs, you sir, or ma'am, are a retard.

Actually Keratosis pilaris is quite different from acne and is caused by inflamed follicles. Acne vulgaris only occurs in areas of skin with the densest population of sebaceous follicles which is restricted to the face, upper part of the chest, and back. It in fact does not occur in other areas. So watch who you call a retard.

Lern2anatomy. They are all over the human body, except for the palms and soles.

I don't know if I'm just defective, #54, but I recently got a zit on the palm side of one of my fingers.

Could be a pimple Could be HPV (doesn't have any real affect on men but cervical cancer for women) Could be in-grown hairs if you shave

you cannot actually believe that you don't have pores in your hands. your hands are very porous actually

It still LOOKS and gets diagnosed as being LIKE acne, so stop splitting hairs. FTW.

ur ****** stupid it can show up anywhere u dumb ****=/

actually you can get acne all over your body. including your butt and genitals

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try not to open your mouth so much, it's unattractive.