By wombats - 28/09/2013 14:38 - United States - Asheboro

Today, I found tiny little maggots in the bristles of my toothbrush. I have no idea how long they've been there. FML
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wombats_fml tells us more.

Hello! Yes, it's disgusting, but I assure you I am not disgusting myself. I'm pretty sure they weren't there yesterday...I hope. :/ They were very, very small, so I agree with #48, #50 and #101 that they probably came into being last night. They had over ten hours, as I went to bed early and got up late. I immediately threw away my toothbrush, toothpaste and washed my toothbrush holder. I of course went out and bought a new toothbrush and new tube of toothpaste. I felt very self-conscious going out without having brushed my teeth, so I chewed on lots of sugar free gum. :P I brush my teeth twice a day, as recommended by the ADA. I've actually replaced my toothbrush three times in the last three months for various reasons, including when I dropped one of them on the floor. I'm very conscious of my dental health. I keep my toothbrush upright in a glass (easier to see when it needs cleaning at the bottom...toothbrush holders themselves often have maggots or eggs in them. >_<), and I have a cover over the top of it (more on that in the next paragraph). When I flush the toilet, I always put the lid down because when you flush a toilet, it sprays particles of whatever is in there all around the room. We've had a problem with small, irritating little flies just recently, and I'm 99% sure those little arseholes are responsible. I rinse my toothbrush after I use it, and then put it in the holder with a cover on it...and I think that contributed to this, by creating a dark, moist place for a fly to lay its eggs. I won't be using one of those anymore. It shall sit free, as obviously the cover wasn't doing a bloody ounce of good anyway. This just makes me wonder what other delightful bugs land or crawl on our toothbrushes when we're not using them. :X I bet this happens more than we think, and the eggs just don't get a chance to hatch into maggots on the toothbrush. :P

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What are you eating?

Should probably get another toothbrush...Also check your toothpaste to see if they're coming from there.


JoeyJaws68 18

Wow that is freaking gnarly

I just threw up in my mouth a bit after reading that

This is possibly the most disgusting FML I have ever read.

There was an FML where a guy went down on a girl who had toilet paper bits down there. I think that one's worse than this.

toilet paper bits are explainable. how do you explain this?

Anyone else scared of their toothbrush now??

Beepbeep7 14

In no way,shape or form is toilet bits worse than maggots.That is just disgusting!

Toilet paper isn't worse then maggots, maggots are just plain gross!! OP, since the maggots are on your toothbrush, then maggots have been in your mouth...EWWWW, I'm thinking it's time for a NEW toothbrush!!

Now I can't get the image of maggot bits in OP's girlfriend down there.

asnakelovinbabe 16

It's pretty freaking disgusting but they haven't been there long at least... Maggots have very short life cycles. Flies will lay their eggs on anything... the best "scent emitting" thing they can find... especially if food is scarce, such as being inside a house where they can't find any actual food... A toothbrush will have a smell to them that the flies can pick up on that we can't.... If they were tiny it means they were freshly hatched. Had OP brushed their teeth with them, the toothpaste and all the brushing would have killed them. They likely just got there.

What are you eating?

burger and fries. you are turning me on with this dirty talk, lol

CockAsian 14

Or where the hell does OP set his toothbrush? The trash can?

...Y-you don't?

Relax, they're just extra protein!

This FML made me gag a little :(

Redoxx_fml 22

Or maybe they were lice from that barber who should screen their clients more carefully

3- Protein or not, they are still gross!!

Dentist. ASAP. HURRY!

One of the rare times a person actually wants to go to the dentist.

Grootensliven 10

How does that even happen?!?!

debbster7 18

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you're so punny Dobby!

Should probably get another toothbrush...Also check your toothpaste to see if they're coming from there.

... this is the most insightful comment I've read in a while... I never would have thought to check to see if there's a maggot lair inside the toothpaste tube. That is so gross...

That makes me want to buy a new toothbrush and toothpaste. Scratch that, I want a whole new mouth. Maggot free please.

Neyuu 18

Op should probably get a new tooth brush? As in, you think there's another choice? No no no no. Set the damn thing on fire. While you're at it, gargle some lighter fluid and maybe set your mouth on fire too.

I don't think maggots would be in the tooth paste container; you have to remember that in order for maggots to exist, a fly has to be able to lay them in that location. I don't think a fly can get inside a toothpaste container if the cap was on OR if the tooth paste itself had blocked off the exit/entrance chamber. Also, maggots have a short life span. Considering they are small, they are probably recently born there. I'm guessing OP hadn't brush her teeth yet and that's why they are still there on the brush.

Is gargling fire an option?? Cuz I bet I could find a way if I discovered maggots in my toothbrush and/or mouth. Poor OP!! This is just terrible. I would freak the fuck out!!!

uhm.. how do you not notice this?

Ch_rae5 19

i agree how do you not notice the smell or when you put your toothpaste on it you have to look at your toothbrush......

Llama_Face89 33

It might not necessarily smell

52 is right, I don't think maggots really smell bad, but I'd think that OP would've noticed them crawling around on the toothbrush!

52 & 75, they absolutely DO smell. And they smell horrible. Maybe OP doesn't have the same heightened scent sense that I do though. But I can smell maggots from about 50 feet away. Sickening.

If you can smell maggots you have a superhuman sense of smell and should become a narcotics sniffer. Maggots have no scent themselves you're smelling their food. In fact maggots eating dead animals and shit actually lessens the stink.

I'm a little bit more worried about how 83 is so familiar with maggot stink.

When I was much younger, I did a very brief stint as a garbage collector. The maggots in the cans had a very distinct smell. To this day, I still get nauseous if I go past a trash can or dumpster with that smell. Feel better, 89?

Umm... He *did* notice. He never said he used it & *then* discovered the maggots. He probably woke up, went to brush his teeth & saw them, prompting him to throw way the contaminated brush & buy a new one.

shadowedpixie 19


When was the last time you changed toothbrushes?

Blaaahh!!! This fml made me go look very carefully at my toothbrush :-x this is so sick!!!