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  tybtab  |  5


  zachherbert  |  10

Don't be a fool, wrap your spool? No
One fish two fish, red fish blue fish?
The cat on the hat, took a big shat?
Look at that monkey, get down and spunky?
Why I no GOOD at witty sex rhymes?


Don't be a dummy, cum on her tummy! Wait, that doesn't fit. Take it slow, make her blow. No, that's not it, either.

Ahh, I've got it now. DON'T FUCK NASTY BITCHES! That's better.

  armyboy00025  |  3

Cage the snake, then shake and bake
Wrap it with foil before you check her oil
Cover your vein then drive her insane
Wrap your stump before you hump
Cover Ol' Willy then bang her silly
Don't be a dumby, cum on her tummy