By Anonymous - United States - Elmwood Park
Today, I was at a diner with friends when we decided to put our phones in the middle of the table on the basis that whoever looks at theirs first has to pay. It was going well, until someone rushed up behind me, slammed my face into the table and ran out with our 4 phones. FML
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By  NotGabe  |  28

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  \  |  28

It's a diner... If it is a smaller, lesser-known place, it's a helluva lot less likely to have security cameras. Everyone would likely be taken aback by the event anyway

  \  |  28

if someone slams your face into a table from behind and promptly steals your stuff and runs off, you'll probably be too dazed to react effectively.

By  awkwardloveannie  |  28

just your face? were your friend in shock or laughing to hard to stop their phones from being stolen? and sorry that is a little funny. hope you had insurance or the guy tripped fell into the street got hit by a car and your phone is safe on the sidewalk

By  SWC_Penguin  |  17

All the baffled commentators: You are aware that one of the fastest rising crimes these days is "grab a phone from someone's hand and run," right?

Our subway system has signs warning people about it.

It's apparently a lot harder to thwart than you think it is, or it wouldn't be a popular crime.