By Anonymous - / Sunday 17 November 2013 21:59 / United States - Elmwood Park
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By  NotGabe  |  28

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  \  |  28

It's a diner... If it is a smaller, lesser-known place, it's a helluva lot less likely to have security cameras. Everyone would likely be taken aback by the event anyway

  \  |  28

if someone slams your face into a table from behind and promptly steals your stuff and runs off, you'll probably be too dazed to react effectively.

By  awkwardloveannie  |  28

just your face? were your friend in shock or laughing to hard to stop their phones from being stolen? and sorry that is a little funny. hope you had insurance or the guy tripped fell into the street got hit by a car and your phone is safe on the sidewalk

By  SWC_Penguin  |  17

All the baffled commentators: You are aware that one of the fastest rising crimes these days is "grab a phone from someone's hand and run," right?

Our subway system has signs warning people about it.

It's apparently a lot harder to thwart than you think it is, or it wouldn't be a popular crime.