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lol, Masturbating is now officially a sport and is approved by Doctors.


lol, Masturbating is now officially a sport and is approved by Doctors.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Get a girlfriend or a hooker Have a nice day

It is time to do the impossible and switch to the other hand __________________________________

Can't wait for the olympics, I'll totally win the gold in that event!

Ahh, you're a retard.


Can you be disqualified for using a vibrator?

gracias 26 I'm sure u can find someone working the night shift for a cheap price lol

op can be a master-debater :D

50 and 127 hahahahahahahhahahahahaha

awesome I would win gold lol jks

why yes he's actually on the debating team

Hey, if you masturbait while you fish your baitin' while your baitin'

There's actually a masturbation contest on Japan...

He's the debate team captain. His full title is "Master Debater"

sexercise lol thats too funny >.

Haha, and I thought it was due to intense piano practice. Now I know XD

ewwww # 3 u r gross looking

136 your screen name makes me think you're gross looking.

#136 r u fat cuz ur name makes me think you are so stfu it's a good sport we just don't get tired, outta breath and fall asleep halfway In!

what are the rules?

switch hands once one of them starts to swell

better still.... only allowed your opposite hand. And this sport can be in the PARAlympics as well as Olympics :P

Rule n°1 you don't talk about the fight club


Guess that Batter can't swing no more.

oh wow...thats sooo fake

What does it mean when it says comment moderated

Hey, go easy on the OP. I hear chronic gang-wanking is popular over in London.

I see you took my advice and changed the name from T3H G4NGB4NG3Rs, Mercy :D Gave off all the wrong signals, didn't it?

"Fighting Crime Before Bedtime"... If that wasn't a cute euphemism before, it certainly is now xD

Yeah, that BITCH, how dare she. She's sold out to Didier, that slimey French Cassanova :'( Though if she's reading this, I take it all back, heh... heheh... heh? *holds Mercy tight* O.O

Awww =( I'll give you all the "supper" you want if you'll just move in with me in my secret dungeon of horrors =)

Kay, you slut. Hush your loose lips! >_> Hello again, my sweet. And hi Mercy. I've not sold out. I'm still here for you. Although if Didier has money......... :P

Hey, I'm only a slut for you, dearest Toxi, and my lips are hardly loose :D I was just saying what a wonderful man Didi is and how we should all sacrifice some virgin trolls to him as a display of our eternal gratitude, or... something convincing. Heheh >_>

Ok, tight lips. :) Yes, let's pay homage to Didi. Since we can't have a "plexico, have my babies" club anymore, we need a new figurehead. My biological clock is ticking. Or I'm just horny. I'm not sure. But someone better get it on with me. Kay?

lmao I read this exchange scrolling through the comments and am so lost. lmao... You crazy FML kids and your inside jokes... o_O lol and don't ask when I called you kids when I'm still a teenager myself. Its just what i do... lolz... XD

I knew I smelled an inside joke. I miss my Mercy Mercy. Twinny is dead to us by the way. Toxi, aren't you always horny?

Hey, I resent our dodgy online affair being referred to as an 'inside joke', that's just demeaning *strikes a defiant pose* And yes, Toxi, let us get it on :D [censored just in case there's any Christians here ready to fuck up their own wrists over a steamy lesbian sex scene]

Stands at edge of pool. Deciding. Jump in? Or watch and do what gave the OP tennis elbow that wasn't tennis? Might choose the voyeur way this time. . .

It's only an inside joke if you're telling jokes while inside her. ;D Thank you Mercy. I lovers you! ♥ FML sleepover at my house? Cult members only.

I'm calling bullshit I've heard so many stories similar to that

LMFAO That's hilarious

ahahahaha now i know why my wrist hurts :P

It's not only intense - it's frequent. How else is he going to rack up experience points?