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Today, a doctor examined my wrist, which is completely swollen and painful. He diagnosed a case of tendonitis and asked me, "Do you use this hand for a particular sort of sport?" I just smiled like a twit. FML
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lol, Masturbating is now officially a sport and is approved by Doctors.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Get a girlfriend or a hooker Have a nice day

It is time to do the impossible and switch to the other hand __________________________________

Can't wait for the olympics, I'll totally win the gold in that event!

Can you be disqualified for using a vibrator?

gracias 26 I'm sure u can find someone working the night shift for a cheap price lol

50 and 127 hahahahahahahhahahahahaha

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why yes he's actually on the debating team

Hey, if you masturbait while you fish your baitin' while your baitin'

There's actually a masturbation contest on Japan...

He's the debate team captain. His full title is "Master Debater"

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sexercise lol thats too funny >.

Haha, and I thought it was due to intense piano practice. Now I know XD

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136 your screen name makes me think you're gross looking.

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#136 r u fat cuz ur name makes me think you are so stfu it's a good sport we just don't get tired, outta breath and fall asleep halfway In!

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switch hands once one of them starts to swell

better still.... only allowed your opposite hand. And this sport can be in the PARAlympics as well as Olympics :P

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Rule n°1 you don't talk about the fight club

I'm calling bullshit I've heard so many stories similar to that

ahahahaha now i know why my wrist hurts :P

It's not only intense - it's frequent. How else is he going to rack up experience points?

LOL, hand to gland combat is a sport. You use a ball, grunt, sweat. :)

Hehe, hand to gland combat. Very clever.