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Today, I fell asleep at work and woke up with penis sharpied on my face. I'm a kindergarten teacher. FML
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_dont_fml_ 1

i don't think kindergarten teachers should be sleeping at work.....

RockstarRN 10

What the heck are you doing falling asleep at work if you are suppose to be teaching kids??


_dont_fml_ 1

i don't think kindergarten teachers should be sleeping at work.....

theten_fml 9

Good thing no one got hurt except your self esteem.

SaraN29 6

Anyone else consider that op might have been on break and that it might not necessarily have been a student..?

Just be thankful that is all that happened and no kids went missing or got seriously injured. On another note its rather worrying a child potentially drew a penis on your face.

habibiiiiiii 2

Kids grow up so fast these days

"So, when I was a kid, I had this problem. It's no big deal. Something like 8% of kids do it. Whatever. Anyways, I uses to draw dicks, all the time."

Kallian_fml 21

I agree. That's a terrible kindergarten teacher. I mean I know where OP is coming from, I'm a preschool teacher myself. Sometimes it's hard to stay awake because the job IS demanding. It's especially hard to stay awake at rest time. But that's the job, and OP sleeping on the job would be illegal where I live. The OP deserved whatever they got, and they were lucky it wasn't worse.

thiscrazything 1

31 - I thought the exact same thing, and that another teacher did it.

It's not McDonalds. Kindergarten teachers don't "go on break". Even at lunch they supervise them. The kids come to school, the kindergarten teacher has them and then they go home.

jaredofmo 22

Actually, even though it was years ago, when I was in public school, when we went to recess, the teacher would see us out, and there was a playground supervisor, so they did have a break from dealing with all of us.

fyreprincess 3

not in today's world of budget cuts. schools can't afford aides. some schools have volunteers.

juliaispink 1

I think a parent came in, saw there suckish teacher sleeping...

Actually kindergarten teachers do have breaks. Legally they have to at least have a 15 min break. At the school I teach at we get a longer break because of having an Am and Pm class.

If your a teacher u shouldn't be falling asleep at work especially if your a kindergarten teacher....

kriz_allizwell 6

Thats how people turn out when teachers dleep in classes. Irresponsible.

I'm sure it was a mistake, gosh, people can be mean on here!

Zoh_Aubrey 8

59 - Yep, they sure are pretty mean on here. If you misspell something or use bad grammar your opinion immediately becomes invalidated. This also happens if you have a different opinion to someone who is a regular on here as they all seem to think they own this app.

@66 Maybe because the regulars realize that FML isn't based off the apps, take note of plural, but its an actual website...

61, I realize that, but I still don't see why people need to be rude to people for stupid reasons. 66, you are completely right!

Hold the phone, I didn't realize antmanzero owned FML?!?

CaptainDoorknob 7

51 - It's possible that he/she is foreign.

LO388 7

"Me fail English? That's unpossible..." - Ralph Wiggum

RockstarRN 10

What the heck are you doing falling asleep at work if you are suppose to be teaching kids??

At that age the teacher should also be heavily supervising. Little kids get into some weird situations. Be happy no one was hurt or anything OP. isn't the Internet cool? Teaching 5ish year olds about penises. Haha.

People fall asleep at inappropriate times... It happens. OP probably had a rough time and just flat out passed out while the kids were napping.

That's not a good enough excuse. Op has to look after these kids it doesn't matter if the OP is having a rough time it's their job to look after these kids. If I was the parent of one of these kids and found out that had happened I would be putting in a complaint.

I don't think the kids take naps in kindergarten, I think that's just in preschool.

44 has a good point. What if OP just couldn't handle the 9-3 job that has a pay increase every year and is only for 9 months but still has vacation time? I heard that grading coloring books is very taxing.

Inheritance 10

OP: Alright everyone it's nap time! :D *falls asleep* Kids: *fake being asleep and makes a plan* OP: *wakes up to dicks on his face* Wth!? Kids: *Pretending like they are asleep just to hide a evil humorous smirk* Good days to be a teacher everyone :)

Kallian_fml 21

47- Exactly! There is no excuse for falling asleep at work especially for that kind of job. If I was a parent and found out that happened, I'd take my child out of there and report the centre (auto correct wanted me to put 'center', but I'm in Australia and 'centre' is correct) to child services. 63- I have been studying child care for years, and it is a **** load harder than 'grading coloring books'. 90% of a persons brain development occurs in the first 5 years of life, so the job of preschool/kindergarten teachers (depending on what country you're in) is very important. Don't try to belittle the profession of child care workers, because they are shaping the newest generation.

People with opinions like yours is what's wrig with out society. Most teachers get to school an hour to two hours early and stay late. They not only have to be at the school while the students are but also have to take time outside of the schooldays to construct lesson plans and grade assignments. Most of the supplies in classrooms are up to the teacher to purchase. Plus, most elementary teaxhers also teach summer school. Not to mention the fact that they are responsible for the well being of 15 to 30 students for 8 hours a day. Now please tell me how that is an "easy" job?

RedPillSucks 31

@63 - Have you ever tried to supervise 20 or 30 4-5 year olds who's parents don't discipline them at all? It's not as easy as you think. Teachers don't get paid nearly enough. Also, I don't know where you went to school, but at my sons kindergarten, they had spelling tests, so the teacher is actually teaching, not just watching the kids.

85- You must be thinking of middle school or high school teachers. Kindergarten teachers, on the other hand, don't teach anything of substance and don't have to put in an extra few hours after school. It's KINDERGARTEN for god's sake. 95- Yeah most kindergartens do that. Congrats on enrolling your child prodigy in such a prestigious institution.

100, idk where you went to kindergarten, but that was my most important year of school because it was the year I learned to READ. I think that counts as substance.

106/everybody- Sorry about being such a dick back there. Idk what came over me. However, I still stand by my point that falling asleep in a class full of kindergarteners is unacceptable.

If your a teacher you shouldn't be falling asleep at work especially if your a kindergarden teacher....

Kallian_fml 21

MURRIKA- I work with 3-5 year olds. I'm required to have a lesson plan prepared every day as well as documenting everything that happened during the day. I quite often find myself sitting at home, looking over my notes and planning my next lesson, and just wishing there were more people out there who can appreciate what a difficult job it is.

Yeah it is completely irresponsible and OP should've told a supervisor or a different teacher about it, but it still happens.

63 - I wish to god teaching was a 9-3 job. I never leave before 6 at night and get in at 7 am. But good to see ignorant people commenting on things they know nothing about.

A little young for anatomy aren't they?!

Hey, they are excelling in spelling. She must be a good teacher!

Consider yourself lucky that's the only thing on your face. Jigglypuff inspires great things..

foxholeathiest 4

Kids deserves an A and you a pay cut

They start so young now. Mass media has ****** up many kids.

That was deep.. Oh wait no it wasn't. You're an idiot end of story.

Maybe but people like that piss me off seeing as he's using media which contributes to the problem.

desireev 17

17- Considering that the problem IS, in fact, the media, You must be an idiot, as well, for using it! The media is a major part of what's wrong with the world today. If some kid got on here and saw YOUR first reply to this comment, which is on the Internet, (also known as the "media"), that would influence the kid in some way. I would hope that your comment would show the kid how to NOT treat people, and how to NOT act like a complete imbecile fool. Jerk! :[

It's not accurate to lay full blame on the media. Indeed, the media might have influenced the kid somewhat, but I guarantee you the same thing has been happening for many years. Besides, this is anecdotal evidence, you're gonna use this one FML story to claim correlation between the media and what goes through our children's minds?

The media is A problem, not THE problem. Children are impressionable and they can be influenced by family, teachers, friends (even at a young age), or anyone really. It is also the parents job to at least attempt to control what their kids watch. I worked at a daycare for three years. Some parents will let their kids watch anything. We actually caught one four year-old boy explaining how to give oral sex to a female Barbie doll to the other kids.

desireev 17

45 and 53- That would be the reason I said, and I quote, "the media is a major problem...". Not the problem... Not the biggest problem... But a "major problem". And you can't disagree there. The media IS a major problem with what's wrong with the world today. Maybe, not the entire problem... Maybe, not the biggest problem... But, definitely, a major problem. Exactly as I said.

Of course their gonna know what intercourse is by the time they hit fourth grade, they got the discovery channel don't they?

125, if you were referring to my comment the boy was 4. Not even out of preschool yet.

rotflqtms_ 21

I think He/She (I don't feel like going out of this comment box to check the gender) was quoting a song... "The Real Slim Shady" "My bum is on your lips, my bum is on your lips", and if I'm lucky, you might give it a little kiss and that's the lesson that we deliver to little kids And expect them not to know what a woman't ******** is by the time they hit fourth grade they got the Discovery Channel, don't they? "We ain't nothing but mammals..." well some of us cannibals we cut other people open like cantaloupes (slurp)

rotflqtms_ 21

I can't edit in this app... I pressed enter instead of space and enter to make the comment have different lines (like with songs lyrics)...Well... that didn't work out too well. My app decided not to accept my enter button presses, and now, everywhere I pressed enter, my words are touching eachother...sorry To restate what I said... He was quoting a song... "My bum is on your lips, my bum is on your lips", And if I'm lucky, you might give it a little kiss And that's the lesson that we deliver to little kids And expect them not to know what a woman't ******** is By the time they hit fourth grade They got the Discovery Channel, don't they? "We ain't nothing but mammals..." well some of us cannibals ...etc

Who falls asleep at work besides babysitters...?

Looks like you're doing a wonderful job preparing young minds for what lies ahead in the future.