By doodler - 27/02/2014 11:59 - United States - Hurst

Today, I was doodling randomly during a meeting at work, and I noticed my drawing was beginning to look a bit like a penis. A coworker was eyeing it so I tried to make it something else by adding... oh good, now it's a penis and balls. FML
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Same thing different taste


coworkers will start to feel uncomfortable

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Yeah, they can add the same thing to the other end and it's a bone 8=8 There!! it's no longer vulgar! (: (I'm sorry if someone else said this before, I didn't scroll through all of the comments yet)

#48 he's an alien, he hasn't completely figured out the English language yet

#48, your picture goes great with your comment. c:

sorry, i m french and i want tout improve my english on FML:)

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I've done that. Make it a rocket ship or...just THROW THE PAPER AWAY! Perhaps coloring is your forte...?

Or draw it riding a motorcycle stunt man...penis in this case lol (referencing to superbad)

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I guess no one likes our ideas...perhaps if asked they can say it's a picture of his boss. "I don't see it. To me it looks more like a di....oohhhh."

Do you even think about what you're doing... Or?

Finish your comment! Think, man, think! I need to know what that "or" is! or... or, no, I don't.

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Now they know how ballsy you are!

This FML reminds me of Superbad, lovely film. also, FYL