At least it wasn't rotting coconut?

By Getmeoutofhere - / Thursday 10 August 2017 17:15 / Australia
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  jkjorn  |  14

Depends how you're viewing the site- on a web browser on my desk computer I can see a tiny little "female" icon next to the poster's name, but I don't think the app has that feature.

  Lemou_fml  |  25

In case you were wondering - women do in fact have a scent in a sexual context. When it comes to men, it's usually the semen itself, if it even smells.

By  EmDizzle2007  |  26

it's weird to see so many people who don't understand that an aroused vagina gives off a certain scent. given that it's her DAD, I'm guessing he knows that scent fairly well.