By Getmeoutofhere - Australia

At least it wasn't rotting coconut?

Today, I was masturbating when my dad came into my room to say goodnight. He leaned down over my bed, paused, and said "What's that smell? It's like... oh." His face dropped and he left the room. I don't think he'll ever see me the same way again. FML
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  jkjorn  |  15

Depends how you're viewing the site- on a web browser on my desk computer I can see a tiny little "female" icon next to the poster's name, but I don't think the app has that feature.

  Lemou_fml  |  25

In case you were wondering - women do in fact have a scent in a sexual context. When it comes to men, it's usually the semen itself, if it even smells.

By  EmDizzle2007  |  28

it's weird to see so many people who don't understand that an aroused vagina gives off a certain scent. given that it's her DAD, I'm guessing he knows that scent fairly well.