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  Jordan_Stub  |  0

you don't win for that, that is a HUGE loss. have fun when you get out and realize that you can't compete with the people who paid for their secondary education and got what they paid for, unlike you who pretty got nothing out of that.

  Poke_my_mon  |  0

Who says that because he didn't pay, he's getting a different education? He could be getting the same education that most people paid for, just free because he's a sucked off the right people, got a scholarship or sucked off the wrong people who sucked off the right people for him. You never know.

  taylipn  |  0

well i went to a big concert at an entertainment centre (an arena) in australia and payed $150 for it and because of the lack of turn up, they gave out free tickets =/

  lem0n_fml  |  0

Sometimes their bad, sometimes their good. Hot hot heat was a disappointment, GirlTalk was amazing. Sure, they're not HUGE bands that we get, but they're fun. :)