By quickfingers100 - 01/06/2011 16:05 - United Kingdom

Today, I fell asleep in class. I'm the teacher. FML
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A7X_LoVeee 10

Damn, that boring? Jk, I'm sure the kids didn't mind.


A7X_LoVeee 10

Damn, that boring? Jk, I'm sure the kids didn't mind.

So does Disturbed, but you don't see me blurting that out. Oh wait... Anyway, OP should've had a five hour energy.

agree with 19 - just don't take two. they will give you the shakes! lol (pulled an all nighter remodeling my store and studying for 3 tests) - so if anyone asks :P

I think that says something about your class...

Unless it was nap time in pre-k, you have no right!

OMG OP is so boring she/he nagged herself/himself to sleep.

JacksonCampbell 9

Once, my socials teacher took my phone away... as he was texting! Asshole. I told the principal and got my phone back.

gleek47 0

my teacher did fell asleep this year the most scary thing I have ever seen... I had nightmares about it!


TylersMB 0

maybe the kids were borinng.

xavier1623 4

Today class, we'll be learning.. learning... about.... -snore-

zendaddy0 0

in soviet Russia students bore teacher

And you feel bad for yourself think of the children

That or she has a serious oxy addiction...

iSitt 0

was this study hall or during a test

A7X_LoVeee 10

It was during a lecture. He fell asleep mid-sentence.

I've done it before. Don't feel too bad

It's just normally frowned upon to take that nap while working that's all...

TigerWoods101 0

Ehh, no. Have you ever flown a plane?

a_nutritionist 10

if the students would get in trouble for napping then the teacher shouldnt be doing it. everyone may need to nap sometimes, but id like to see the response from the average employer who found out someone was asleep on the job...even if they would do it themselves.

metfanatic1986 0

oh what fun I would have had if I was a student!

SlyTail 5

Draw on her face, that's it 0.0

wait ... isn't it half term break now? o.O

Wow. There are other countries on earth besides the United States.

Nope. Still at school in Australia. :(

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tahvoh 3

So what your saying bored yourself to sleep? nice..

metfanatic1986 0

^^ It's the holidays in the UK as well...

Our school doesn't end until next Friday...

My school broke up for half term last Friday :3

My school broke up for half term last Friday :3

Mellalala 0

my school isn't over until june 17.

jokester1234 0

My school got out on May 25th. :D

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a_nutritionist 10

omg an fml written about something more than 24 hours ago?! OH THE HORROR...

well now I know when every school ever in existence ends for summer. thnx.

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