By sleepwalker - 14/09/2010 18:32 - United States

Today, I fell asleep in my math class. Turns out I sleep walk. I woke up at the front of the room with chalk in my hand, scribbles on the board behind me, and the whole class laughing at me. FML
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missmurderx 8

my luck is that I would sleep draw a penis.

omfgrofl1337 0

What did you scribble? something naughty i hope


missmurderx 8

my luck is that I would sleep draw a penis.

You horny murderers crack me up.

blahzz 4

As long as you don't give a guy a sleep blow job, I don't see the problem.

*Sits quietly*

DudeImBetter 0

as long as you don't sleep jack it's alright.

twinny_sc 13

Haha #1 my friend did that on purpose in art class. He drew a penis, and titled it "self portrait."

Did you have morning wood?

twinny_sc 13

41, who are you directing your comment at.

I know plenty of sleepwalkers

linebacker42 0

who still uses chalk boards??

YDI for sleepwalking.

sleepwalking sucks, especially when you sleep-trip down your stairs and wake up disoriented and in pain

I fell asleep in religion once. apparently "I wasn't asleep I was talking to god" isn't an appropriate response

omg that's funny!!!!

Lmao, same here miss murder..FML

Imagine sleep-writing some groundbreaking scientific equation that solves one of life's many mysteries but not knowing what it even says

DuckOnAStick 0

Its funny because you wrote on the board.

h2opoloplaya 0

that's funny cuz you got mad at him for starting

its funny because you thought it was funny that he got mad at the other person for starting.

it's funny that you pointed out that the other guy thought it was funny that the guy got mad when the other guy started it.

It's funny because I broke the combo. Or did I?

sourgirl101 28

It's funny because you only think you did.

hd9280 0

this is hilarious!

ILovesMahBridge 0

It's funny because you think it's hilarious.

DuckOnAStick 0

And it's even funnier because I started this chain. (continue on)

DuckOnAStick 0

It's funny because I started this chain. (continue on)

in soviet Russia chain break YOU

DuckOnAStick 0

In the USA your not funny.... but it's funny because you commented saying chains break you.


legonut6 0


omfgrofl1337 0

What did you scribble? something naughty i hope


7 you have an amazing rack!

gibby1235 6

nice shirt 

glambert1998 0

ur shirt is awesome!

letsgododgers213 0

amazing shirt, I bet guys try to unlock it

cali_swagg408 0

wow your boobs look awsome

Brilliant, wish that had happened in my maths class. Though at least you didn't find out you sleepwalk from injuring yourself falling down some stairs. Just think, it could be worse. Though I can imagine that to be slightly embarassing.'re ugly......

supernice 0

and your a jerk :)

rfngxhhshi 0

cinn= ugly Brit. mathS ugh I hate that

garrettjordan 0

fuck you 102 at least she has a picture up there while your ugly ass is hiding.

at least you didn't attack someone with chalk or trip over and kill yourself.those are both worse case scenarios

MrCalves 1

ydi for sleeping during math. learn your sh*t

Aeropostale 0

That's pretty funny! I guess you won't be sleeping in class anymore, OP?