By argh - 20/03/2012 08:16 - United States - Houston

Today, I woke up to the faint memory of being drunk enough to draw dicks on my own face in permanent marker. FML
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I bet they were bigger than yours too

You my friend are suffering from deeply recessed homosexual tendencies. The influence of alcohol introduced into your brain function has let you "drop your guard" so to speak and you reacted by opening that "closed chamber" and let your deepest desires loose. By drawing several phalluses on your face and I am probably safe in saying that most of them, if not all were pointed at your mouth you were able to realize your dream of being orally penetrated by several well hung men. Go with your desires, do not keep them repressed, open the "well-spring" of sexual freedom you have been guarding as a secert all these years. $300 dollars please..... BTW - this post was funny as shit!


Could be worse. What color did you draw em in?

TheCaterpiller 6

And, what difference does that make?

TunechiXXL 0

So you draw dicks all over your face..... That is pathetic...... The virginity is "STRONG" with this one.....

tylersign 11

4- He also said "drunk" and "marker". So- the- hell- what?

On the contrary, if I saw someone walking around with multi-colored dicks on his face I would think it was ******* hilarious.

TheElderTROLLZ 15

OP's gonna get laid tonight! Sorry for my terrible humor. :(

missamerica95 0

At least you were having fun OP!

No regrets in life man, yolo. Also permanent marker comes off... 2 good washes or one amazing wash scrub a lot!!

You took the initiative, your friends didn't even have to do it for you

mandadarling 10

Although you have **** on your face now, OP, at least they are just drawings ;)

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mandadarling 10

Get a room you two. Or at least use private messaging.

jaystreet46 4

You look like you could use some on yours

I guess OP from the last FML didnt have enough to drink.

Wow, must've eaten the worm. Never eat the worm! That's when it gets really fun.