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  lesbee  |  0

Who cares? Are you serious? What happens when one of the kids wakes up and wanders about (like they do all the time) and hurts himself. Who is responsible for that, huh?

  ericalew_xo  |  0

Nothing did happen, obviously, or the OP would of said so. I said who cares and move on because nothing happened. It was a mistake. It doesn't mean your life is fucked.

  SixtyNiner  |  0

are you fucking kidding me? get this fucking shit off of FML. you know what, fuck this website! screw this shit most if not all of these so called "FML's" are either fake as hell, downright stupid, or both. im outta here, whoever made this site: fuck YOUR life.

  plexico  |  3

I wish we had naptime at work.

It turns out that if you schedule your naps during boring meetings (am I being redundant?), your career doesn't go very far, but at least you're well-rested. You don't get fired for that because everybody does it.

  stevenJB  |  25

My nap time is in Spanish (: