By yogabbagabba - 03/09/2009 05:05 - United States

Today, I fell asleep during naptime. I'm the teacher. FML
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This is not a FML. It happens. People fall asleep. Who cares? Time to move on.

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It's a funny FML for once, shut up. EDIT: This is a reply to #1 btw.

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For once, an idiot doesn't say "FIRST!" and #1 still gets bashed. That's COOL. I didn't say it wasn't funny, #12. So get that stick out of your ass.

Who cares? Are you serious? What happens when one of the kids wakes up and wanders about (like they do all the time) and hurts himself. Who is responsible for that, huh?

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Nothing did happen, obviously, or the OP would of said so. I said who cares and move on because nothing happened. It was a mistake. It doesn't mean your life is ******.

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What's up with all these people flaming now anyways? Every other thread I see has atleast 2 people attacking someone about a joke, or just a little thing.

What happens in naptime, stays in naptime.

I just gotta say that this is kinda cute

are you ******* kidding me? get this ******* shit off of FML. you know what, **** this website! screw this shit most if not all of these so called "FML's" are either fake as hell, downright stupid, or both. im outta here, whoever made this site: **** YOUR life.

Lol... #84 just rage quit FML. We would all miss you... if it weren't for your username. EDIT: Wait... this happened a while ago.

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well it was naptime wasnt it ? lol you werent teaching anyway. YDI !

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No kidding! I'd be sleeping hard during naprime everyday if I taught little kids. That's one of the few perks that job has to offer.

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If it was me I have my gang of markers on your face! Screw naptime!

I wish we had naptime at work. It turns out that if you schedule your naps during boring meetings (am I being redundant?), your career doesn't go very far, but at least you're well-rested. You don't get fired for that because everybody does it.

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naughty things mite happen at nap time in high school

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We have nap time in high school. It's call math class. ;)

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naw I would say nap time would be french class

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My nap time is in Spanish (: