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Today, I came home from work to find that my girlfriend had sold all of my N64 and Atari games and both the consoles and bought me a PS4 with the money. While I was standing there in shock, she kissed me on the cheek and said, "I know, I'm the greatest." FML
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TDog3337 12

Childhood Ruined... I'm so sorry

She probably (hopefully) had the best intentions, but that doesn't explain why she thought it was normal to sell someone else's possessions.


TDog3337 12

Childhood Ruined... I'm so sorry

ColonelCusswords 24

crack a smile... while your inner soul screams, clawing its eyes out burning in the hellfire of rage and agony

I still have my N64. I would have a heart attack if someone else sold it.

Today,I sold my boyfriend's old N64 and Atari consoles and games to buy him a PS4, but when he got home he started getting mad at me. I was only being a good girlfriend and getting him what he wanted. FML.

Oh man the rage and the feels I would get if games like Zelda, super smash bros and Mario Kart were taken from me.

I love my PS4, but this shit don't fly. I'd kill to get those back.

tantanpanda 26

I know of a good website that sells used N64s, controllers and games for a cheap price. Some of the atari games are sold there too, but not sure bout the console.

Oh please tell us what it is, I'd love to find this console and those games... I used to have a N64 as a child, god I miss it !!

tantanpanda 26

the website is called "lukiegames" or something of the like.

im 12 and all i have is a colicovision and a super nindendo. i would never trade old style mario for cod. im so sorry

What.. If you've been dating for awhile she SHOULD know what those consoles mean to you.. You can track the guy down and try to buy them back maybe?

@#2 Yeah that's actually your best bet OP. You could track him down and maybe tell him what happened. Hopefully he sells you your stuff back. But seriously. I'm confused as to how your girlfriend convinced herself that this was okay... It's common sense if you want to give someone a gift, you buy one for them with your own money. You DO NOT sell their personal stuff for it. That's just as good as them buying it for themselves... So how does doing that warrant any sort of thank you? You really didn't do anything special so how are you the greatest?

Buying back those consoles may be tricky. People don't let go of those things very easily. To people dating gamers: The console should not be touched unless on deep understanding as to where it stands on importance, and no more than usage should be exercised. Any attempt to replace and or sell game consoles or games themselves without consent of gamer in household may result in immediate termination of the relationship. If you think I'm joking, go ahead and sell Skyrim... See what happens... Try me...


MzZombicidal 36

I truly hope OP can buy their consoles/games back. Reading this FML made me so sad and angry! Wow!! The main thing I'm concerned with is how she was able to get a hold of his stuff while he's away (assuming they live together or she has a key to his place??? Idk?) but doesn't know what those consoles meant to him? I don't know a thing about tools but I know my boyfriend would be pretty pissed if I took his things and sold them to buy newer/different things... Also, doesn't she realize you could have just done that yourself if you had truly wanted to? Wow, I'm just pretty flabbergasted by this whole situation! Lol! I truly hope you can get your things back, OP. And I hope you sat down and had a talk with your girlfriend about boundaries and respecting your things!

It's not really a gift. She's using his money. Ever thought he didn't want that?

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I don't see why it would be very tricky to get them back, as they're stolen property. Just cus you live with someone, doesn't make their stuff yours. She stole his games and consoles and sold them for money. If the buyer won't return them, OP should contact the cops.

tayymeds 23

no his best bet is to press charges against his girlfriend for theft and pawning of stolen goods.

OP should explain what happened and offer them the PS4 as a trade.

Considering they're his items and she sold them without his consent, he should definitely be able to get them all back.

AnOriginalName 19

You should probably stop commenting and go to the hospital.

Nothing a roundhouse kick to the chest can't solve. #Roadhouse

Uugghh man.. I would've cried. My N64 is my baby.

JuliaaNoelle 26

I've actually been in a similar situation before. I lent a friend my gameboy and N64 with all the games, and she sold them. The difference is that she didn't buy anything for me with the money from it.

#362 Please tell me you sold that "friend" on the blackmarket for a penny to some creepy old dude that would probably do naughty things to them in their basement?

Awh that sucks... Try selling the ps4 somehow and buying the old games back from craigslist or EBay. I'm sure they go cheap. :(

Not for Atari. They system alone can go for $600

Interresting to know... Well I am willing to ship for free, just send me $500 or a new PS4. I got a old Atari myself but people here often sell them complete for under 50 including some games.

PerditaDessa 38

A lot of the more popular games for the 64 go for between 50 and 100$ a piece. An older Atari, in good condition, can cost more than any of the next gen systems. Regardless, it's a terrible trade because the new systems don't have nearly as many good games.

Though, I think you're under playing the value of a new system by basing it on the amount of games it has. To a gamer who likes the classics, those are worth a lot. Though, personally, I enjoy the modern systems (I don't have a PS4 unfortunately), I still understand as a gamer when someone messes with your console with no knowledge on how to handle it properly.

PerditaDessa 38

I collect classic videogames, but I do own the next gens. Personally, the value of a system comes from the amount of enjoyment it can provide me. That is directly tied to the number of games the system has that I enjoy. I bought the next gens for their potential but to me an NES or Game Cube is more valuable than a PS4 or Xbox One. That being said, if a significant other deleted solitaire off of my computer I'd be done. You don't touch other people's things. Especially, if they're passionate about it.

68, you know it can just be downloaded, right? I understand what you mean, though.

An Atari does not cost $600. Quit smoking crack people.

PerditaDessa 38

109, I am aware. The easy fix is the main reason I chose that example. 138, A 1977, Atari VCS 2600 can go for up to 2,000$ US if it's in mint condition with the original manuals. There was an unopened one from 1977, with a selection of games that sold for 5,000$, recently. The game Bounty Bob Strikes Back from 1983, for the Atari 5200 goes for 900$ by itself. An Atari 5200 in mint condition only goes for a few hundred. The games on it are what are expensive. The Atari 800 or 400 can both go for a few thousand but well played ones that have all their parts and work correctly still sell for 300 or 400$. That Bounty Bob game goes for 600$ on them, and isn't the most expensive game to buy. I'm not going to get into the 2600jr or 7800 because this is getting long enough. OP probably didn't have one in spectacular condition or had a newer version, but the girlfriend still probably got less for it and the games then she could have.

Trust me those things are not cheap to replace.

Some older games, like ones that are hard to find copies of today can be expensive.

When I was visiting my girlfriend we went to a video store and I saw that there was no Nintendo 64 stuff with the other game stuff. When we went to buy the movie I asked why he didn't have any. The guy told me that the stuff sells so quickly. Also told me some games go for up to 100 US dollars. Good thing I have a couple that can do that are worth up to that much.

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That's not the point! its about memories that were attached with N64 and Atari games!

Sorry OP.. I think she was trying to do something from the heart..

rhiannahoward14 19

She may have meant well, but she's a frickin' idiot for thinking it's OK to sell her boyfriends things to buy him a gift. Like everyone else has said - she should've bought it with her own damn money. That warrants breaking up, or at the very least considering it. I'm just hoping this was some cruel joke she played and she did buy it with her own money... Leaving the consoles hidden safely in the closet...

Queen_of_Night 20

Then she should have done it with her own ******* money!

She probably (hopefully) had the best intentions, but that doesn't explain why she thought it was normal to sell someone else's possessions.

If she really had good intentions she should have just bought him a ps4 without selling his stuff. And how does she not know that they are important to him??

Exactly, what type of person gives you a gift by selling some of your possessions? That's not really a gift then is it?

countryb_cth 38

#41 your picture literally says it all.

"Hey! I know your old games are useless now so I traded it for a brand new PS4! Aren't I the greatest? I bet you didn't know you could do that. ;)" That's what I want to think where her mindset was. But yeah, you don't sell someone's stuff. Especially childhood memories.

Attacksloth 33

Sorry, I don't know how selling those could be the best intentions. 1. She didn't ask him first 2. If they dated long enough she should know he values the games 3. BURN HER AT THE STAKE!!

How to ACTUALLY be the greatest girlfriend: 1: don't touch his games! 2: use your own ******* money to buy a gift, you broke ass bitch!!!