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  Mioko_fml  |  6

I actually read it as she returned it to the store too. But now that I read the comments, both seem possible. So not going to thumb 2 up or down since I don't exactly know what OP meant. :x

  wallandpiece  |  16

It says the iPod and Kindle were 'ageing' (or aging) so it's unlikely the shop would have allowed a refund if they were old and (potentially) in bad condition. Also, why would the girlfriend return those items to the shop without OP's knowledge and call it a Valentine's gift? Use your brains.

  DyslexicPanda  |  12

Because it sounds like he could potentially be saying it was his gift to her that he "bought" her an iPad and iPod touch and sold back his stuff for it, thus making it more of an fml than what is likely actually intended. At least he didn't have to buy her the iPad and iPod though...

  TheAbstract  |  15

Unless you're like me and have a shite-ton of tunes on your iPod. I don't own an iPhone so my iPod still holds value to me. I think others might feel the same way but who knows? Maybe I'm a goon.