By ThinZ - 24/12/2011 00:26 - United States

Today, I invited a few of my co-workers over to play video games. Within an hour, my wife had gotten drunk, grabbed my controller, told me to "get back in the kitchen", and described to everyone in blood-chilling detail how she took her first boyfriend's virginity. FML
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"slowly, slowly, he slid in me. Then he passed out. But I kept *******." Yup.


i_amthe_walrus 0

Agreed. Op, you might want to ask your wife to give you your balls back.

Yeah their probably rolling around in her purse next to some lipstick

11- It seems she has gone and put them on, lol. OP, have you googled the word "cuckold" before? It is suggested you do, but later. Go fix me a sandwich.

Agreed #1! Hey OP, if you're done with your wife, can I have her?

maxwells_hammer 5

Well yes most cultures do only allow one wife.

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29 just owned that comment lmao

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This could be the beginning to a great ****. Keep going, pls.

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"Oh that's how it happened, huh? Well I think I can top that."

Mabye it's the video that gave boner his boner

lindseykcool 6
lindseykcool 6

I'm sure boner is completely capable of getting his boners! he doesn't need videos. or video games, or whatever the hell you were trying to say.

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Every1luvsboners is back maybe things are looking up from here on FML.

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Or maybe dude got the boner listening to his wife telling his coworkers how she took her boyfriends virginity. At least she wasn't telling them how she lost hers.

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Her statement sounds perfectly right to me.

Maybe your mom left you because she got a job as a professional kitchen cleaner.

His mom leaving him is nothing to joke about....

You sir must have big balls but a small pensi

Across the country? Seems a bit extensive, don't you think?

"slowly, slowly, he slid in me. Then he passed out. But I kept *******." Yup.

I like how you describe it as "bone chilling" how drunk was she?

lindseykcool 6

blood-chilling, you mean? even creepier.

"How unattractive is she or how awkward was the sex?" was the first question in my head. I've never heard of a chilling sex story; she'd have to be a disfigured manatee who drugged and raped a 12-year old boy before I felt my blood chilling.

biasedshooter 24

36, i think it chilled his boner. Sorry op, that moment sucks...

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Yea somebody needs to get donkey punched