By Anonymous - 09/02/2015 20:42 - Australia - Blacktown

Today, I won a game of Monopoly against my girlfriend. She reacted by sweeping the board off the table, storming out the front door, and mowing down my mailbox driving away. FML
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Hopefully she doesn't have a Get Out of Jail Free card. Who knows what she's capable of.

Monopoly has ruined more relationships than infidelity


Hopefully she doesn't have a Get Out of Jail Free card. Who knows what she's capable of.

What you do is hope she lands on your hotel. Then you're in business, that is, unless she stole your money to pay off the debt.

Monopoly will turn you into a crazy bitch!

Pass get out, collect 200 dollars for damages....maybe some diapers cause she sounds like a toddler

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All board games in relationships are traps...

Monopoly: testing friendships and families since 1903.

It's been replaced in that department with Mario Party, Trouble, and IKEA furniture.

Not true #25. Nothing tears friendships apart quicker than Monopoly, it is only tied by UNOs Draw Four card.

What about Sorry? We've had a couple game boards used as frisbies over that damn game.

Amen to that, #3 ! IKEA furniture building is probably a close second ! Or is it "a trip to IKEA with your SO on a Saturday afternoon to test the relationship ? " ;)

#46 - Oh, Sorry was what I was thinking of, not Trouble. Brain fart.

I though your comment was funny and lighthearted. I have zero idea why you have so many down votes.

That's why to never play monopoly with your loved ones

Monopoly has ruined more relationships than infidelity

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It's just a game... She should've gotten over it..

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if I land on the developed boardwalk, I wouldn't be getting over it any time soon.

If you're not willing to lose every friend you've got over a board game, you're not playing hard enough.

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If you think it's just a board game then you have never properly played.

One does not simply get over the rage that manifests whilst losing at monopoly.

Monopoly is the true test of strength in a relationship.

There you have someone who is really competitive. She doesn't like losing, so guess what? You'll never win. EVER

Competitive does not mean childishly throwing temper tantrums after having lost. American sports has corrupted your view of sportsmanship.

Not true. I don't care about winning arguments I have with my bf, but when it comes to video games and board games I am intense, man.

As much as I love Star Wars, I'm not sure how that would make it any different.

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She's going straight to jail. If she passes Go, she shan't receive $200.

"Monopoly's just another word for nothing left to lose." - Janis Joplin