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Today, after having my husband ask if I 'had any plans' for the weekend, and him mentioning that he got me something special, he played his PS4 for hours, ignored me, then finally took a break to hand me a tiny box of chocolates. I can't even be mad because he looked so proud. FML
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lalaaa520 9

At least he was romantic for a couple minutes not like some of us forever alone!

Yes treat him like a 13 year old, Jesus. How about talking through it and acting like an adult.


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Yes treat him like a 13 year old, Jesus. How about talking through it and acting like an adult.

Or you know...communicate the problem instead of holding sex hostage.

Yeah, hold him hostage in his basement without food or water until he learns his lesson. Oh wait that's stupid. OP just needs to talk to him and resolve the issue.

But that sounds exactly like what dead pool would do

Well I'm pretty sure OP isn't deadpool.

You obviously have never had a boyfriend

I second the basement hostage scenario.

Why don't you send him to his room without dessert while you're at it

#17 your profile picture is of Deadpool you nimrod. Or did you somehow forget that?

Pretty sure he didn't forget it, he's just not making obvious jokes about it, you nimrod.

lalaaa520 9

At least he was romantic for a couple minutes not like some of us forever alone!

It's so nice that a group of people have just committed to being alone for the rest of their lives so they can focus on other things than relationships! Your founding member was Nickola Tesla. Oh, is that not what forever alone means? Because every time I hear it I just assume the person isn't interested in a relationship and move on to someone more optimistic.

now see the reason we are "married and alone" is because if crap like this! We allow them to ignore us and then think, "oh at least we got a few minutes of attention" . . .thats crap! OP you shouldn't have waited around all weekend for him to make a move, its not 1916, you can plan and make your own move. You, lalaaa520 and, yes even me, have to speak up and let our significant others know we want/need more! Appreciate what they have done but respectfully ask for more. Our relationships, we are worth it!

I hope that if you're willing to ask for more, you're also willing to give more. I've seen way too many women wanting more but not willing to give.

I can see how you could be dissatisfied, but you should enjoy the presence of your husband, not the gifts he gives you on a corporate controlled holiday.

So she should enjoy him sitting on his ass playing PS4 instead of making a romantic dinner together, watching a movie, or even asking if she wanted to play WITH him? Sure the gifts don't really matter but there's still activities to do together. He just played alone doing as he pleased which is inexcusable.

But it sounds like she didn't even have his presence, he ignored her.

You're right, my point of view was stupid.

Not a good excuse. "Not a romantic type" is a fine excuse for not coming up with some creative, beautiful gesture... but Valentine's Day has some standard romantic ideas too, like dinner together, that he didn't try for.

CheekyRaccoon 27

It's "Life was like a box of chocolates".

You know what's annoying, people who are wrong correcting people who were right. Yup, that'd be you 15....

Plot twist: 15 is entirely composed of chocolate.

CheekyRaccoon 27

#39 if he was trying to quote Forrest Gump, then he would be wrong. If you don't believe me then check for yourself.

Life is like a box of chocolates. Some are white chocolates, some are milk chocolates, and some are dark chocolates. But you know the best part? They're all equally divided.

That's inexcusable. You need to have a serious talk with him. You don't spend an entire day dedicated to love in front of the PS4 then make up for it with a 5 dollars box of chocolates.

Eh. Valentine's is a silly day perpetuated by retailers. Now I'm not defending him...but I totally understand. Because BO3 had double XP and double weapon XP all weekend (in MP AND zombies) and...still does until could any gamer resist? Maybe he thinks the replacer is actually going to take his wife out.

Easy. You have until Tuesday. 4-5 hours of your Sunday won't cost you but maybe 3-4 levels. Big whoop. All I'm saying is all the time he wasted playing alone he could have taken a few hours to spend with her. Go to dinner, do the nasty, take a moonlight walk (if it's warm enough where they live), watch a movie, go adopt a puppy. It doesn't matter. Valentine's Day is a day to acknowledge the people whom you love. If this was a Christmas FML where he'd rather play games instead of exchange gifts would you still feel the same way of it being a retail perpetuated holiday? It's kind of the same thing.

It was a joke... Christmas would be roughly the same, yeah. Retail perpetuated spending money you don't have in most cases. I'm all for spending time with people. And really if you have a significant other spending money on them, sure why not, makes them feel special. I was just saying I understand this guy. He seems out of touch with a lot of things. And finally haha. No. 5 hours, 3-4 levels? More like 30-40 with double XP. Still shouldn't come before your spouse, but I thought people would see the joke.

It's a capitalistic holiday, it means absolutely nothing. You can love your wife more than one day a year, don't be ridiculous.

You must suck if you only level up 4 levels in 5 hours

Sell his PS4 and buy yourself something nice

Ya act like a 10 year old and piss him off. Seems like a great idea. That's the way to get someone to be romantic.

I guarantee you that's one way to be single in a millisecond

I've read a lot of FMLs like this where the "husband" is too busy playing video games. As far as I am concerned those guys a just kids, not adults and they shouldn't have gotten married until they can get their priorities straight, at least that's my humble opinion.

You're absolutely right that some people need to grow up before they get married. But gaming is only a problem when the partner doesn't share the same interests :D My husband and I both play games. It's our way of unwinding during the weekend. If I want to do something else I just let him know, and he does the same for me.

Nothing wrong or childish about gaming, but it is important to take time for others too

It's not to say that there is anything wrong with gaming, but when it takes precedence and priority over more important things and/or consumes most if not all of your "free" time then there is a problem.