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Today, my boyfriend of more than two years told me in front of all of our friends that he'd trade me for some Playstation 3 games. I laughed it off because I thought he was kidding. He made it clear that he was serious. FML
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How much longer do you plan to stick around for more of the same treatment? Kick him to the curb already!


How much longer do you plan to stick around for more of the same treatment? Kick him to the curb already!

tell him you'd change him for a vibrator that mows the lawn. that way he'll know how it feels.

A PS3 is always "ready to play" 24/7, it doesn't care how many girlfriends you have, and it will always take you back no matter what you said, did or didn't do. I can't say I blame him

Give him a PS3 box so he gets excited but it really has some of his stuff inside with a note saying that you're dumping him.

let me guess, you can't break up with him because you f***ed him so many times without getting to know him first?

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exactly. I mean if he values u as much as he values ps3 games that sucks, but if he would of said 360 games then take that as a compliment

PS3 is the best, people with Xbox hâte it because they know its true. and OP maybe if you let him Play with you insted of his console hed say something else ;)

well hey, is the game god of war iii? cuz then it makes sense

well if it makes you feel any better. I value my ps3 more thant family. if I had to choose between my dad or a ps3 you guessed it jaha

maybe u should start blowing him. then he would respect you more. I didn't like snickers until she started blowin me

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tell him you'd trade him for a $1.50 and a pack of gum.

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unless he looks like Mick Jagger.

I'd hold off on taking offense until I know HOW many, and WHICH games he would be willing to trade for.

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your bf is a lame unless he isn't gettin any from you then I would understand

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that makes u pretty high on the list...right between **** and callofduty

I wish gamestop would accept girlfriends as valid goods for trade.

Roflllllllllllll^ get the envelope and paper

Rofllll^^ Whip out the paper and envelopes!

ahahaha. true that. if she's a frigid downer who constantly harps on him then I can understand that. she probably wouldn't mention that part though. now would she?

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PS3= way better than an XBOX will ever be. Plus they don't crash every month.

95) Oh, wait, what do you mean your PS3 hasn't worked since it the month changed to March? Whats that about a leap year bust?

dude red ring of death ring any bells lol and halo the best 360 can do it suckssss lol

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i've had my 360 for two years and ut hasnt crashed at all.

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the new 360s never get the rrod and the ps3 can get the wlod so there you have it, xbox is better and ps3 is still awesome

hey dumbass Xboxes dont crash every month I've had one for over three years no crash

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u should totally leave him he isn't worth it.

Wait, wait, wait... Which games does he want? If it's MAG tell him it isn't worth losing the sammich-making.

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How is it that people don't see this coming? More than 2 years? Seriously, I guess ignorance is bliss...

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maybe they just don't see it! don't be so harsh, her boyfriend just became stupid and you say it's her fault? dude you need to think before you act.

3d. and ydi for not making him a sammich.

the whole sammich thing is so old and annoying. it's on like 7 times/ front page of post

Considering how bad Playstation 3's are; you must be terrible.

Ok then, considering the free Internet, the browser (which Xbox is now copying), the high def, the blu-ray player and the awesome community. Yes, paying $50 a year is TOTALLY worth it for some shitty map-packs, especially since the ACTUAL game comes out at the same time for Xbox 360 and PS3

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I'm sure he's been a douche all these years but you're still with him. YDI.

it'll go from trading you for games to him beating your ass on the corner uh I'd say it's time to leave him and I'm guessing this isn't the first time he's said something like that you're just stupid enough to stay with him because you "love" him you need a wake up call

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You picked the wrong boyfriend

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Ding ding ding #13 correct answer