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Today, my boyfriend of more than two years told me in front of all of our friends that he'd trade me for some Playstation 3 games. I laughed it off because I thought he was kidding. He made it clear that he was serious. FML
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  sublimaze  |  6

A PS3 is always "ready to play" 24/7, it doesn't care how many girlfriends you have, and it will always take you back no matter what you said, did or didn't do. I can't say I blame him

  madaoxsan  |  9

ahahaha. true that. if she's a frigid downer who constantly harps on him then I can understand that.

she probably wouldn't mention that part though. now would she?

  Ckpa23  |  0

Ok then, considering the free Internet, the browser (which Xbox is now copying), the high def, the blu-ray player and the awesome community. Yes, paying $50 a year is TOTALLY worth it for some shitty map-packs, especially since the ACTUAL game comes out at the same time for Xbox 360 and PS3

By  omgxwtfxheather  |  2

it'll go from trading you for games to him beating your ass on the corner uh I'd say it's time to leave him and I'm guessing this isn't the first time he's said something like that you're just stupid enough to stay with him because you "love" him you need a wake up call