By MexyBoy - United States
Today, my girlfriend of 8 months and I broke up. We decided to give back everything we ever bought for each other. I gave her the stuff she bought me and when I asked for my stuff she said she'd sold it and spent the money on herself. FML
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  kukopia  |  0

It doesn't take much logic or insight to see that SHE broke up with him... since she had ALREADY sold 'his' stuff?!?!?

It's cool to give back stuff, but you can't really expect to get stuff from the other person.

Since she 'agreed' to give it back but didn't, she deserves some street justice. Get ALL your friends to text her like 10 times a day w/ "Give him the $$ for his stuff!" Call her folks, late at night. Call her boss if she's got a job... Finish what she started.


first of all, shes a bitch for seeling your shit. second, you better ask her for that fucking money then!! im serious dude if shes willing to throw away 8 months like that then its gonna come with a price.