By taylrrina - 22/07/2009 08:32 - United States

Today, I had a job interview with an environmentalist organization. I got the job, my FIRST job, a great first job doing something I am passionate about. An hour after the interview was over, they called me back and asked if I was 18. I'm 17, and unemployed again. FML
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taylrrina tells us more.

OK! On the form they DID ask if i was legally able to work in the US and if I was 21 or over (for driving purposes only, this was not a requirement for the job), but no where did it ask if i was 18. I brought my resume to the interview, and had i not given them this resume saying I was a current student at my high school and Running Start, they would not have asked if I was 18 or not. and to those scoffing about my greener practices and being excited about this job-- this was a great job making $9-$14/hr, anybody getting their first job would love to make $14/hr starting! it really did suck day of, i was supposed to go in the next day for training.' but i have another interview this coming week and life goes on :)

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you'd think that would have come up sooner than when they decided to employ you...

JackDupp 11

most environmentalist organizations are whacko anyway.


Sucks being young I guess!

YDI for being an environmentalist wanker.

you should have lied. ikik bad idea. but tht does rly stink.

you'd think that would have come up sooner than when they decided to employ you...

Yeah I know! That was so stupid of them.

JackDupp 11

most environmentalist organizations are whacko anyway.

just be like "the environment doesn't care how old I am, why do you?!" stupid idea of course...but damn that sucks for you!

it matters because of technical child labor laws, as a 17-year-old, she is not a full, legal adult yet. pfft, environmentalism. sure the world is screwed up, but we need to make small changes for any change to happen. trying to convince people to 'go green' or 'environmentally friendly' don't work if there is no profit and/or too costly. This is why hippies, environmentalists and god-damned animal rights activist's piss me off because they don't understand human psychology and economic concerns, instead, they try to bully people into it.

Useful? like what? Polluting this planet? Maybe instead of making fun of environmentalists you should be more like one!

Since when did caring about the planet become a bad thing? Why don't you do us all a favor and drive you SUV off a fucking cliff?

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Have you ever actually seen a hippie bully someone? I know I haven't. But not for lack of trying.

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They probably would've checked ID or something eventually.

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taylrrina +1

that sucks. in Canada it's illegal to ask your age in an interview

OP, YDI for not being from Canada.

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it's illegal in the US too

Not if you're under 18, they have to be able to know what labor laws apply to you or not.

most applications get around this by asking what age group you fall in.... and they are definitely allowed to ask if you are a minor

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One of the first things you should do when applying for a job when you're underage is making sure they hire underage people. YDI

that's why you should look into these things first. YDI