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Today, I am 8 weeks pregnant. I have debilitating 'morning sickness' all day. And now I get to add peeing my pants every time I throw up. FML
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1, If your mother had that logic, you wouldn't be here right now.


Shouldn't have gotten pregnant then.

1, If your mother had that logic, you wouldn't be here right now.

If everyone's moms had that logic, we all wouldn't be here

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I'm waiting for someone to say "YDI for having sex!!1!"

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18- somehow I feel thats the view she should have had.

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That is actually very dangerous because you could get dehydrated very quickly

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Jus sit on the toilet and have a puke bucket. Problem solved. But yeah, that totally sucks OP, not looking forward to being pregnant when I'm older.

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Man this current generation is weak and feeble. Sorry not trying to be an ass, but it just seems like this generation doesn't have the strength that prior generations had. It's truly sad.

135 did you just say sorry for being honest about how feeble younger generations are? And you are...?

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@129 Not everyone gets sick while pregnant and even if they do the Op's case is still incredibly severe compared to most pregnancies. My sister was like this while pregnant but I was sick twice and that was it. It really just depends on the person. @OP there are some pills you can get from your GP that can help. My sister had them to help her and they were a gofsend. I would talk to your GP before you end up with some real damage to your throat or stomach or baby and in this instance insist the doc makes a house call.

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You stole my picture you wet willy wacker!!!

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We just have to comment on everything together to confuse the FML community!

Welcome to pregnancy... Should've thought of that when you were deciding. It does suck but it's not like you should've expected any better..

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Not everyone decides to get pregnant. And don't give me that stupid "Should have used protection" shit. It doesn't always work, and it's not mandatory for monogamous couples.

Every pregnancy is a choice. Don't you watch Teen Mom? Pregnancy is 100% preventable in about 17 ways.

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24, Hopefully that was some kind of a joke. Sure it's preventable by something like abstinence, but it's not a viable option all your life. Other methods of birth control might not be possible, for example because of health problems, or lack of affordability. Plus, again, they can all fail. Shit happens to everyone, so get off your high horse.

I hope 24 is trolling. If not....I feel sorry for her.

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37 I'm sorry but at least here in America almost all birth control is free if you go to a clinic. Also if your on the pill and using a condom there is almost no chance of getting pregnant.

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I'm sorry 52, but have you ever been on the pill? It's not exactly harmless, and many women are unable to take it. It was pure hell for me, and even if you don't experience side effects, it's still silently ******* up your body. Hence, the "health problems" part of my comment above. And yet again, pills can fail.

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Speaking of getting off you're high horse...

I feel sorry for you, shrooms. Fending off the idiots by yourself. I swear every time I see "HERP DERP CONDOMS ALWAYS WORK AND PILLS ARE 100% HEALTHY! Logic??? No thanks!" I want to face desk. Luckily, my break is now over so I won't be checking this for a while. At any rate, good luck wth them.

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52- if you've been using that method in the hopes that there's "almost no chance" of pregnancy you're delusional.

Nope, no high horse here. I'm just thankful for the knowledge of a wealth of resources that are available to almost every woman in the US that prevent pregnancy. Including abstinence. If you're not ready to be a parent, don't have sex. Can't take the pill? IUD, diaphragm, condoms. No method is 100% but used in conjunction they can be. If they all fail, abortion (if that is a choice for you). If not, suck it up, you made your choices and therefore, you DO deserve it.

But she did make the choice to continue the pregnancy.

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61, I don't see how being empathetic to other people's situation has anything to do with a high horse of any kind. 76, Are you ****** retarded? Have any of you even had sex? I don't ever want kids. Does that mean I need to be abstinent all my life, or poison my body with pills, or never get to feel the intimate skin to skin feeling you can't get with a condom, or pay out the ass for an IUD (which DOES have complications)? And while I'm pro-choice, I'm not delusional about the fact that having an abortion is absolutely not an easy decision. Where are your hearts? Put yourself in someone else's shoes for once.

76, Are you of the opinion that no one should have sex unless they plan on reproducing?

No, I'm about making responsible choices and holding others to the same standards. I'm empathetic, I'm not sympathetic. Yes, if you don't want to face the realities of pregnancy and STDs because you don't want to use birth control/condoms for whatever reason, then you DO deserve what you get. If I had a dollar for every girl who cried on my shoulder and said she wished she had made better choices or been given prevention information earlier, I could retire. If "having a heart" means I have to accept that temporary pleasure outweighs years of problems and regret, no thank you. For me, having a heart means educating others, taking responsibility, and solving problems.

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81 i agree with you. I had been using both the pill and condoms when I got pregnant. You can not get the IUD unless you have had a child at least that is what my OB/GYN told when I went to go back on birth control. 76 not everyone wants to live like a naive little girl always cringing away from anything sexual. Accidental pregnancies happen even if your being the most careful person in the world.

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So there's this meme I really like, it's called "Bad Argument Hippie" and I think you should check it out and make a list of those that apply directly to this situation.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

And you need to learn to read. NO ONE is advocating being irresponsible or not trying to prevent unwanted pregnancies. NO ONE is advocating forgoing education about pregnancy prevention. My point is simply that you absolutely positively cannot say someone deserves an unplanned pregnancy without more information of any kind. First, because not everyone is able (key word - ability does not equal choice) to utilize every prevention method and second, because even if you do, THEY CAN AND DO FAIL.

Who s she didnt want to get pregnant give her a break, op is only saying that its hard pregnant,ladies have to go threw a lot but its worth it in the end op so jus keep it up imagone how great itllbe when the baby arrives:-)

And noo ice royalty I have better thimgs to do then watch a show about how teenage girls ruin there lives

76 - what if being a parent would be detrimental to my health and thus I do not wish to become pregnant ever? Should I then NEVER HAVE SEX???

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Getting pregnant is your decision. Not only do we have all this birth control you can take and condoms you can buy, you can also just not have sex. You don't HAVE to. It's a decision.

If OP was not ready for this, she simply shouldn't have been having sex. There is always a chance of getting pregnant no matter what you do to prevent it. Besides, everyone pregnant woman (or so I assume) goes through this and it's very conceited to assume you're oh so special and are allowed to complain about it. You made the choice that got you here so suck it up.

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Ya know what, I think this is one of the very few situations in which it is appropriate to say **** it, and call everybody virgins. "Dun want kids, dun hav secks!! durrr ijut!" Maybe one day, especially when you fall in love, you'll understand that the purpose of sex is much more than just reproduction or "temporary pleasure". And if you're lucky, you might eventually learn to read!

At least you can get pregnant and stay pregnant...I've lost two.

Sorry... I went throu the same and the 3rd one I have to b on bed rest to keep him safe good luck

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Some people get pregnant earlier than others... like my Korean neighbors that have encouraged their four daughters to all get prego and drop out by junior year in high school.

That's just weird. I don care what your ethnic history and culture are, in today's America, high schoolers (and often times, most college students) are much too emotionally immature and unprepared for parenthood.

Please let's not drag a cultural debate into this as well. Attribute the actions to the people, not their nationality. That is not a common wish in the Korean community. Also, OP is 8 weeks so it's a little early for the "at least you didn't miscarry" comments. A few years from now, OP, you won't remember how horrible you feel now.

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84-Who are you to be so judgmental? The choice 5 made to have a baby is hers, not yours. At least she isn't an 11-year-old having a baby! (Yes, I know some girls that have gotten pregnant at that young of an age.) At least at 19 she is able to get a job and support herself and a child while labor laws don't allow anybody under 14 to get a job and work. I'm not condoning "young age" pregnancies, but you don't know her circumstances, therefore giving no right for judgment to be made upon her for being pregnant for the third time after TWO miscarriages! 5-My condolences on your miscarriages and you and your baby are in my thoughts and prayers. I myself miscarried twins.

:( That's awful, 5. I feel bad for you. Good luck through your pregnancy OP!

84 and 121, who are you to decide when she can reproduce? I'm 20, very happily married, pay our bills on time, save for our future, my husbands a soldier with two tours, does that mean we're automatically too immature for a child? I think not. You have no idea who she is, I've known 50 yr olds who act like their children do. Think before voicing your opinion.

Are we meant to care? What makes you any different from anyone else? No one said pregnancy was easy.

If you don't care, don't comment. You sound like a ******* asshole, I feel bad for your girlfriend or wife. While you kind of have a point, you didn't have to be such a dick about it.

This is a website where people share their stories, why are you questioning why we should care if we're voluntarily on this site to read stories like this?

The peeing yourself whilst throwing up is different? There, now you may care a little, douchebag.

You should shut the hell up cause you'll never have to go through pregnancy so you shouldn't be talking

You #7... Don't ever ******* reproduce. We don't need anymore people like you in the world... Cum guzzling bastard.

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Ugh. That's the whole purpose of posting on fml . Smart one.

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Join the club and welcome to motherhood! I'm also 8 weeks but I wouldn't fml about it...I got sickness all day and strep throat!

Hey, at least you get your baby out of all this pain :D

I think she was mostly fml'ing about peeing her self probably not so much about being pregnant.

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Sit on a bucket when you puke.

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I'm thinkin puking in a bucket while sitting on the toilet would be more comfortable.

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Have you ever had diaper rash? Jesus that can be awkward when giving a presentation to a potential client.

#8 or you know you could do the normal thing and sit on the toilet and puke in a bucket??

It just wants you to feel like a baby, peeing in your pants and throwing up all the time

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The end being when you sent Jr off to college. Maybe even after that. Hopefully your kid's not a difficult one, OP.

Op won't have to worry about that if she simply aborts mission, if you know what I mean

You're a ******* dick. It's the woman's choice and you are being extremely rude and making sick jokes just so you can feel better about yourself. What, did mommy not love you as a child? So you have to make these unintelligent jokes. Get a ******* life.