By randomgirl - 07/01/2012 14:12 - United Kingdom

Today, I accidentally called my teacher "Babe". FML
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she better at least be hot

Well, I guess she knows what kind of extra-credit projects you'd be interested in.


she better at least be hot

Did she call OP Ruth? You know, babe Ruth? That was a crappy joke.

Considering OP's name is random girl, I think the teacher is a he. More than likely. I guess it COULD still be a woman but it seems less likely to me.

OP's screen name is "randomgirl" so i'm guessing the teacher was a guy

Did she look like a blue ox? There #19, that's for you -- a joke shittier than the one you made to distract people from the shittiness of yours. If I hadn't said "shit" twice in the previous sentence, my gesture may have been considered noble.

lsd... Nice profile pic

Lol. Its okay OP. dont worry about it. No big deal. ^^ one of my friends once called her teacher mom. Happens to everyone. Hehe.

81 the mom thing isn't so bad its a quick laugh and short lived and an ovbious mistake... but babe? not thts gonna be akward for everyone and gonna be long lived...because op finds teacher attractive mistake vs blurting out truth

How do yo know OP finds her teacher attractive?

I once called my 60+ year old teacher a sexy bitch. But thats a story for another day.

Fail Look above ya

I once called my teacher mom...

48- Actually that wasn't that shitty. Unless one doesn't get the Paul Bunyan reference....then yea its nonsense.

I once called a teacher grandma.

OP is a girl. So her teach would be a guy...

My band teacher is like a mom.... She calls me princess, and we argue in the middle of rehearsal...

I once called my MALE teacher mom. Oops.

Excuse me miss, my son would like to plow you.

132 lol Sandys a girl!!

81-If you hadn't put "He-he" at the end of your comment, you wouldn't have gotten thumbs down.

I called my first grade teacher grandma, I wouldn't care except she was old and wrinkly......

176 thats probably why you gave me a thumbs down down but everyone else who did is just an idiot -.-

I'm a teacher, and one of my students told me she accidentally called her mother Mrs. (CallMeBloo) once. Also, a friend of the family always called her own mother "Babe;" everyone in the family did. I imagine at least one of her many siblings made that same slip-up.

And one day you can tell people that you ate your babe

You would eat your pig out.

I only use those methods on women.

No but it's "normal"

The username shows it's a girl

I was highly aware.

Ha ha don't comment if your just going to wrie "FYL" theres a button for that!

Sarcasm. It was sarcasm... Because this FML was so goddamned anticlimactic and unimportant

i wonder how the teacher reacted...

Quite the inference you made there.

55- you describe this scene I'm so much detail that the reader begs to wonder if you have experienced it firsthand.

They deleted your comments Mr on the other comment

What was the inference??? His comment disappeared. ????

You should email me :)

Well that's awkward! Hopefully she has a good sense of humor

See #31's reply to #1. I'm too lazy to type it all out but not too lazy to explain my laziness.

Maybe it'll be better if she thinks of it as Babe from the movie, the pi....wait, nvm, just keep silent

I'd be proud of that. See it as an accomplishment

Take a moment with twix, problem solved.

Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat!

Well, I guess she knows what kind of extra-credit projects you'd be interested in.

That's a free A! Why not?

Very subtle brian :)

29- I see what you did there...

#122 Who doesn't?

i like your profile saddly i know no comedians ur pretty funny

124, ya really, I put it in caps lock, how hard could it be to understand

It's not the end of the world, you can laugh it off. :)

Because my boyfriend and I call each other babe more than our first names we make the mistake of calling EVERY one babe. He says it to him mom and sisters, I say it to his brothers and friends... but it only happens when we're in each others presents. :)

How big of presents did you get each other that you can fit inside them?

Hope u got an A in that class

If A is for ass, then I'm sure op will get plenty of that

I've said similar things to my professors and half the times they either missed it or just didn't reference it.

No, you look disgusting... Your teachers heard and chose to awkwardly ignore your comments.

"Speak your mind, but please try to be respectful."

#43 at least his default picture is actually of himself.

10, you live in Corpus Christi? I'm assuming that's in Texas?

Yea its in Texas, i actually live near by him