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By paper towel virgin - 24/05/2013 00:24 - United States - Warrensburg

Today, I was using a restroom with automatic sinks and toilets. I assumed the paper towel dispensers were automatic too. I stood there waving my hands like an idiot before a girl walked in, pulled a lever, and made paper towels come out for me. FML
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you shouldnt automatically assume things

I have to admit, I've done this before. FOL


you shouldnt automatically assume things

If you read it closely, there's a pun in this comment.

And here I was waiting for it to come to me and you just pull it out for me. FML

Am I the only one who wants to know just how LONG she was there for?

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What's the girl doing in a restroom also with a boy all at the same time

If the girl was hot you probably stood just silent after didnt you.

I have to admit, I've done this before. FOL

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#2, actually, there's one brand of paper-towel dispenser where the sensor is way over on the right side, where all of the others have the sensor in the center. When you see one of these, you wave your hand like an idiot in the middle, and unless you are lucky enough to wave way to the right, you end up walking away with wet hands!

Personally, I find OP's experience better than having to decide whether to look like a chicken and potentially splash people as you walk around in public waving your hands or just dealing with the mildly uncomfortable dampness until your hands dry.

just one of those silly moments OP, just be glad you won't see that person again. towel off the shame and move on!

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I love the name of this FML. "Paper towel virgin"

I one time stood outside a door stomping on the mat for 5 mins thinking the doors were automatic, while people looked at me like I was crazy. It happens to everyone, don't worry about it

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I can see the paper towel thing, but what you did was just plain lazy. Why wouldn't you try to open it yourself?

Your a patient man to wait 5 mins for a door to open for you. Patient and lazy to be exact.

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Everyone has their blonde moments

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Except me and six others apparently haha

Ayo, Looks like you're not tired of using technology. Ooh, she saw that you want it, you want it (So) she had to give it to you.