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Today, I moved in with my new roommate. She's a vegetarian, and won't let me put my meat in the fridge because it will "contaminate her food". FML
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Tell her her vegtables are contaminating your meat.


Make her your meat and put her in the freezer

Well tofu is nasty. I don't know why so many thumbs down. It smells gross but put in only few dishes does it actually taste good.

Tofu in Japanese food is great. I would know. Tell her her veggies are contaminating your meat, OP.

Anyone who has ever taken a state food handler class knows that as long as you put meat at the bottom of the fridge it can't contaminate anything else. Also, your roommate had better not bitch about people being prejudiced and inconsiderate against vegetarians, considering how she behaves towards herbivores, which is the natural diet of humans.

^ you mean how she behaves towards omnivores? I'm sure she treats herbivores just fine, seeing as she is one.

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Radical cook the meat then and whose what?

humans are predator species like every large ape which is why we have war chimps fight each other to the death then eat each other that makes eating a cow very normal and also killing each other is normal

also Neanderthals our extinct big cousins were all carnivores but another split of the chimp the gorila is a all herbivore unlike normal apes and there all almost dead showing extremes of the to are bad but eating both meat and veges insures our survival as the apex predator on earth

Take the fridge to the dump then say looks like neither of us can put food into the fridge. That will be the start of a healthy roomate relationship, haha.

189& 190- I had to read your comments three times to understand what the hell was going on. Instead of using the spacebar at random intervals, use punctuation.

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Wait, isn'tthe s pac ebar at rand om intervals the sa me as pun cuation?

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189/190- LOL, I read that in a Captain Kirk voice. Thanks for the entertainment.

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Three times, really? It wasn't that hard to comprehend.

I once dated a girl that was a vegetarian. I didn't know she was until she told me to pick up some pizza... I picked up "meat supreme"... She almost cried.

Gorillas are getting extinct due to poachers and people destroying their natural habitat, not their diet. They did fine for a few million years, and then we came along. Don't forget epidemics, humans are not the only animals that can get sick.

123 - how would you put meat in the bottom of the fridge if that's the crisper where you put vegetables

190 - the gorillas are becoming Extinct because of human activity such as hunting and deforestation dumb arse

Do u really think apes are dying because they don't eat meat which in my opinion is much healthier than eating meat 7 days of the week. Also for your information apes are dying because HUMANS are killing them!

That's the first thing that came to my mind. If it's a shared fridge, OP has just as much say. She sounds like a really hardcore vegan. She doesn't eat anything with a shadow lol. She can put her veggies in the crisper to offer them some protection from the meat molecules invading the fridge space. Another option OP, is to secretly rub meat on her veggies for a few months and then reveal to her that its not so bad....and no that wasn't dirty. Beef broth in her soy milk, etc.... only if she refuses to compromise and is a real bitch about it, because the last 2 suggestions really are cruel. lol. good luck OP.

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Put meat in a Tupperware container.

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Make meat tofu and color it white hopefuly they will eat it;)

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Put your meat in her pussy then

239- Humans are not the only ones that can get sick. any living organism on our planet is capable of getting sick.

sorry read that wrong 239 and cannot delete my stupidity.

Don't mini fridge it. Get a regular sized fridge and just PACK it with all types of meat. Make it look like a damn butcher shop Also guess who doesn't have to buy alot of vegetables thanks to a little vegetarian friend

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I was about to say that!xD only I think her roommate should be doing it.:3

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And secretly rub cooked steak all over her veggies so she gets over her fear of food having orgies in the fridge

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Pour meat juice on her food, she'll thank you later.

Has anyone stopped to think about how it is OP's roommate's apartment/home?? Therefore, OP should not do anything to her food, seeing as she let OP live there!!!

203, if it IS OP's house, then she DOES have a right to tell the veggielover to not stuff all her vegetables in the fridge and not allow THE OWNER OF THE HOUSE, who kindly let her stay with her, put her own food in her own fridge.

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agreed 203. and 215, no it ISNT op's house. its op's ROOMATES house. so she does have a right to say what is allowed in her fridge and what isnt.

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Actually, all it says is that OP moved in with their roommie which may mean that they either found an apartment together or OP moved in in said roommie's apartment. It's not clear at all.

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Regardless of who's house it is, a refrigerator is shared space, and OP has every right to store their food there.

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Bust her having sex and say WHOSE AFRAID OF CONTAMINATING MEAT NOW?? Now u have a basis for ur argument, shes a hypocrite

Just don't let her put her food in the fridge either..say it would contaminate your meat

Leave it to a vegetarian to tell a guy where he can and can't put his meat

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124 OP's name is "merrymarry" as in her name is marry meaning OP is most likely a girl

Tell her her vegtables are contaminating your meat.

Nah, tell her way back when, your food shat on her food.

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Or tell her that your food ate some of her food, then your foods processed poop of her food made more of her food grow big enough to be sold.

Where did I say anything about contaminating though. I just said she should mention how "processed poop" was added to her food to make it better. Most vegetarians I know are vegetarians specifically because they don't like the idea of processed foods.

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Get rid of all the veggies. It will contaminate ur meat (;

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I dont see why everyone thumbs down comments that says the same thing in a different way... It's just great minds thinking alike ;)

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And seeing as 4 and 5 posted within the exact same minute, 5 may not have even seen 4's comment

If he said the veggies would contaminate his meat, he still wouldn't be able to put his meat in the fridge. It kinda defeats the purpose and creates friction between the two.

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Uhh, with the freaky roommate not allowing meat in the fridge there is already friction between the two

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I feel it's quit necessary, thank you very much. Get a sense of humor...? I hear they're cheap on eBay.

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I realized after that I posted, :( Thank you ;)

That's what the girl I was cheating on my girlfriend with said

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Just looking at a 12 oz. Porter house, I don't understand vegetarians

Put sone food from Fukushima in there.

Then she needs her own fridge, tenancy rules probably back you up on this

The roommate was there first. OP should get her own fridge if she doesn't like it!

She has about as much right to say "the air in this room is mine I don't want you breathing it", you share amenities.. Denying other tenants access or misusing them is generally against the rules

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^^^ it's not gonna contaminate her food either. I don't think op should have to suffer just because the roommate has weird pet peeves. Since the roommate is the one with the problem, then the roommate should have to store the veggies somewhere else. This is assuming "moved in with my roommate" means they got the place together. I'd assume it's like that or else it would be like "I moved in with my friend/cousin/whatever". It's probably a dorm of some sorts since its "new roommate" as in OP hasn't met her before. just a guess though :)

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She deserves it for not screening her new roommate more carefully. And yea, she needs to get over it and realize that not everyone is on the psycho craze fad diet she's on.

9, she doesn't deserve it. When screening for a roommate I doubt "paranoid vegetarian" would be on the list of things to look out for.

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And being vegetarian is not a psycho craze fad diet. For most people it's a lifestyle choice. Some do it because of animal cruelty. Some do it for the health benefits. There is nothing wrong with being vegetarian. There is something wrong with being over-exaggerated about it and not allowing meat in the same fridge. As long as its sealed and not set where blood can drip on things then it should be fine. OP needs to propose sectioning off of the refrigerator.

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Op's veggie roommate is psycho. She is pulling Passive aggressive bullshit to make her roommate miserable for not being a vegetarian, trying to impose her lifestyle onto op by forbidding meat in the house.

I believe that #9 was saying that the paranoid vegetarian deserved it for not screening her roommate (OP) to check to see if she was herbivorous or omnivorous. In my opinion, since this wasn't discussed prior to moving in together, the Veggie person has to suck it up and deal with it.

there is no doubt she's a psycho but that's not because she's a vegetarian

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#76: yes, exactly. And I stand by my statements; vegetarianism is a psycho fad diet because you have to go out of your way to get the nutrients that you would get naturally in a normal diet.

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Do you even know what you're talking about? A vegetarian/vegan diet directly contains a thousand times more nutrients than the "normal American diet." You definitely don't have to go out of your way to get the nutrition your body needs without meat/animal products.

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119, That's the biggest myth about vegetarianism. There's protein in everything. If you eat a varied diet and enough calories, you'll be getting enough protein. There's lots of it in grains, legumes, and since she's only vegetarian - dairy. If there can be successful vegan bodybuilders, protein is no problem. I've been a vegan for 2 years and a vegetarian nearly all my life and every full bloodwork I've had done has come out perfect. So, really. Stop talking out your ass.

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119 wasn't necessarily "talking out of his/her ass." It's not true for every vegetarian/vegan, but some people really do need to take extra measures to make sure they get all of the nutrients they need when on one of those diets. I knew a vegetarian who had to take an iron supplement to keep from getting anemic, even though she ate lots of dark green leafy veggies, and I've heard of other people who had to switch back to eating meat because even the supplements weren't helping. It doesn't happen to the majority, but there are variations in how people's digestive systems work that can make being vegetarian or vegan challenging, or in some cases impossible even when they're doing everything right. Maybe 119's only exposure to these lifestyles has been one of those cases. Or maybe s/he really is just making stuff up. I don't know. On a slight sidenote, I eat meat and probably always will, but I know a few vegetarians and vegans who are doing just fine and aren't crazy like OP's roommate.

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159 - B12 is found in bacteria! If you have cultured drinks/food like kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, or even just plain yogurt, you're good to go. As for the iron, cooking in iron cookware leeches it into your food, which will help with that. Most anemics are such not because of their diet, but because their body has an inherent problem with either absorption or loss of iron.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

171, You should try some of those foods regardless. They're delicious, and the bacteria has a myriad of health benefits. :)

there is B12 found in plenty of things but only the stuff found in animal product can be used by the human body

Vegetarianism is not a "fad diet." It's a way of life, that shows compassion to animals (by killing, wearing, or torturing them). It's also healthier, when done right (completely balanced and monitored low fat diet). It's not often that you see an obese vegetarian.

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Most vegans/vegetarians use protein complementing. Certain grains with certain legumes. They're perfectly healthy.

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Ngest themThat's why they let off so many bi products. Their bodies don't get the complex proteins that yea their bodies do need. A body can make them but it's so much easier to just ingest them. Being at the top of the food chain means we don't have to only eat plants:

139, That is what you'd call "going out of your way" to get the required protein. You HAVE TO either eat soy, animal products or compliment your plant based proteins with other sources to get the required essential amino acids every day.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

322, You either can't read, or are the laziest person on the planet. I don't see how simply EATING anything is called going out of your way, since as I said, that's basically all you need to do to get enough protein. The stupidity in your comment did make me laugh, however, so I thank you for that.

Try eating something you hate every single day and then tell me how you feel about that statement. You must eat complimentary sources of protein in a vegetarian diet, this means sometimes eating more than you'd like. Not everyone is happy to just keep eating until they're bursting. You have no idea what you're talking about, so take your confused nonsense elsewhere because I don't need to waste my time correcting someone too stupid to admit there's no perfect lifestyle.

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Tell her that your a carnivore and that your vegetables will contaminate her meat :)

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Pretty sure some one just said that. 2 people actually

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