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Looks like your family doesn't give a shit.

Your brother's zit is probably going to be more productive than the waste of money your four years of drunken partying and anonymous sex will ever be.


Looks like your family doesn't give a shit.

I think you mean they don't give a "zit." Hahaha, I'm so fucking hilarious. I need a life.

( drum beat after jokes) lol.

Bad jokes hour? Eh.. You must be a.... zitzomaniac.

yeah that was funny! fuck that other guy.. I'll beat his Pansy ass

hey look it's Pedro again!

I started laughing after I read the end of #6's comment.

It's always about what you want isn't it Mokuba?

Well, you don't need to be the centre of attention all the time?

I know why op is going through. it's not to be the centre of attention infact when they do this to you you start to become less social than you get yelled at and punished for being so antisocial

Yeah I agree.. my sister talks about pointless things at her work all day then doesn't listen if anyone else talks, or brings it back to her work. I could imagine the OP being like this..

no but me personally i would be totally pissed off with my entire family if i was talking about my future and then suddenly my sisters like "do you know what we could do for my zit? i'd be all like "i know how to get rid of it!" and possibly remove my sisters beating the living crap out of her

lol, that's funny.

maybe its more attractive than you & needs to be discussed.

Your brother's zit is probably going to be more productive than the waste of money your four years of drunken partying and anonymous sex will ever be.

It already produced a conversation!

Bitter much?

Well, how many times have you talked about your college plans before? Because they might already have a good enough idea of what you want to do. However, your brothers zit is (probably) new and therefore more interesting. If not, just tell them the college plans they need to know about, it might have been you were just telling them things they thought were obvious or didn't concern them.

oohhh DAMN you uglyyy D:

or they didnt give a carp and should start before their kid starts to hate them for the rest of eternity!

They most certainly did not give a carp. More likely it was a large mouth bass, or possibly a slippery dick. Definitely the slippery dick.

Stinkyfeat - This isn't RateMyLook or any other beauty contest site, so I think you're in the wrong place. Next. Bv110 - I'm sure there'll have been signs before this is the OP's parents truely don't care about her. Though it is possible. DocBastard - So was that other FML yours? You seem to be a fan. :P However, it's also possible that Bv110 was talking about carpentry, which still doesn't make a whole lot of sense... :P

Cinn- nope, I can't claim credit for that. I just like saying "slippery dick." Call it the 12 year old in me rearing its ugly, immature, prepubescent head.

ok wtf does carpentry have to do with this?

You said carp and we were discussing the possibilities of what you really meant, ignoring the obvious typo. Basically, we were joking around.

Where is trolls for the lols? (I know that's not how his name is spelled my iPod corrected it and I don't feel like going back even though i felt like posting the rest of this)

Priorities OP. Your family has priorities!

Just go to ASU and party.

Fuck you. Go to university of Arizona ^.^

People get off topic all the time, it's human, we have short attention spans. Get over it and buy him some zit cream.