By prego - 24/08/2010 16:01 - Canada

Today, because I am pregnant with a weak bladder, I woke up with morning sickness and had to decide very quickly whether I wanted to vomit or pee in the toilet. I now have to clean the chunks off the wall. FML
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I would have picked to wipe pee off the floor instead...

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Aim for a sink or bath next time, much easier to clean, fyl op

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should have stood in the shower, then you could have washed it all down and cleaned up at the same time...that sucks though op sorry

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Catch 22. That sucks either way.

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yeah i wld of picked pee. wiping up chunks of smelly food and acid vs absorbing pee with a mop.

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yea just stand in the shower.

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YDI for not peeing instead of blowing chunks.

I totally agree with #5. OP would've probably urinated on the bathroom rug and then just throw it in the washing machine..simple case of quick thinking..

Sit down, piss and puke between your legs, then clean up in the shower

finally 45 said it. two birds, one stone

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this is a really disgusting fml in general...

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That happened to me before, except I was just sick and it was diarrhea and throw up. I just grabbed the trash can and threw up in there. Don't most people have little ones in their bathrooms?

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There's an App for that, OP. You can try putting the trash can in front of you, while sitting on the toilet.

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Lol, next time go for the bathtub. So much easier, trust me.

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twinny_sc 13
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You are pregnant with a weak bladder? That's odd, most people are pregnant with babies.

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yeah a trash can would've worked better than the wall. and ydi if you don't have one in your bathroom.

Yeah it sucks alright! TMI with the chunks tho :-S

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45 you're so clever! she totally can puke between her legs while sitting on the toilet with a PREGNANT BELLY

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pull a stepbrothers and puke at the same time

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my comment disappeared, grrreat

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you should have pissed in the toilet while pissin u could have grabbed the garbage can and puked ;)

pee in the toilet and puke In the garbage

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Keep a puke bucket next to the toilet for times like this and then just flush the puke.

I'd just jump in the tub, then shower

if you scoot back onto the back of the seat you can manage it... but if she's like nine months or whatever I doubt shed be able to sit down by herself anyway

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haha, shoulda crawled in the shower and let loose!

I wouldve had a small trash can nearby to throw up while peeing.

you should invest in a second toilet in one bath room problem solved

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couldnt she use the trash can instead??? 0.o

it's called getting on the toilet & grabbing a trash can to spew in. not that hard.

#45, she'd probably end up puking all over her legs (maybe belly depending on how far along she is)...

pull the garbage up while you piss... worked for me

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go in the bath tub and kneel down, then vomit and peer at the same time. you don't need a toilet. duh.

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lol! #6 I see what you did there *applauds*

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I just voted YDI so that there were 1337 YDIs. obviously YDI is 1337

that does suck so I agree with number1 but... HAhaHaha that's soo funny .. sorry

and congrats on being pregnet and Gina have a kid or kids haha TWINS :p

That isn't catch 22. People need to learn what catch 22 is.

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that's what i would have did u could wash up after u peed yourself

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Hmmm you could have sat down and puked through your legs while you were peeing?

maybe she didn't have enough time to get into the tub because it's not that simple if your pregnant.

I was gonna say this, but wasn't sure...Haha. Would have pissed all over floor, but thank God I'm never letting one of those selfish parasites infect my body :)

I wonder if anyone with a FML like this ever thought about using a garbage can

hellyah, eww.. i'd rather pee my pants than puke all over the walls.

dear teenage girls... this is a part of every pregnancy that no one talks about... you will live it one day...good news it only lasts a maximum of ten months until the next baby

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Dear not-teenage woman, most people have trash cans in their bathroom thus preventing this problem.

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I'm pretty sure she meant the vomiting and peeing...not puking all over the walls?

I would have probably peed my pants while I puked. Much easier to change your pants than it is to clean puke off the wall and the corners.

i agree..i wouldve pissed my pants or on the floor..rather than cleanin vomit from splatters n stuff thats nasty. plus if shes prego having to clean vomit, on a weak stomach will probably cause her to vomit again..

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even easier when you're the tub

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That sucks. :) hope all goes well

Actually, I think you made a good choice.

no offence to your opinion but wouldn't you rather wet yourself than puke everywhere? also your very pretty

Schizomaniac 24
Schizomaniac 24

I was talking to 26. I shouldn't even be talking to you, as I am very upset with you.

#116 Why on earth are you upset with me?

Schizomaniac 24

The fact that you are oblivious to the matter upsets me even further >:o.

#125 Then could you please shed some light on why you're upset with me? I can't remedy the situation unless I know why you're upset.

Schizomaniac 24

I'm sorry, but this relationship isn't working out. There's no communication. I can't continue on like this. It's over.

Schizomaniac 24

Hahaha. Touché, touché. I'm upset with you because I took time out of my very busy day to watch one of your YouTube videos and then reiterate part of it to you and you didn't even BOTHER to recognize it.

Schizomaniac 24

HEY HEY HEY WHOA WHOA. Hold on. Don't think I didn't notice that change. This is going to get very ugly in court.

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26 said he he thinks that you'd rather pee then the other guy said obviously not. so it's obvious that you didn't want to pee & 26 is incorrect.

#145 Okay, cool. That's what I figured, but at first I thought he was saying "Obviously not" to the fact that the random person up there called me pretty.

hop in the shower next time and just let it all out!

#12 Not a bad idea! If it works for drunk people...

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yeah that's a good idea. OP can pick the chunks out of the drain instead of wiping them off the wall lol. Would be ideal if the drain is just one big hole which not many are in Britain so if you are suggesting this on the basis that the drain would be big enough for the chunks to flow down then i retract my comment :)