By radiating - 09/03/2012 04:53

Today, my hay-fever started. I'm five months pregnant, and every time I cough, sneeze or blow my nose I either fart or wet myself. FML
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CbDemyx 1

At least it's one or the other and not both.


THANK you! For pointing out the obvious! I honestly don't know where we'd be without you #1!!

hellbilly205 17

Hay, its not so could be in a hospital on your death bed...

No duh that's why it's on FML in the first place.

Sure doesn't suck as much as the first comment.

FMLshark 12

No, I'm sure she enjoys every bit of it. That's why she posted it on **** My Life instead of My Life Is Great. :| ...

Shelbyyyyyyy 4

Then she will get her practice for changing a diaper!

Sadly I have to agree with you. When my sister-in-law was pregnant she had to wear them. They make some really inconspicuous diapers.

gloopyone 4

Some people have a diaper fetish, maybe she'll get extra loving from her husband!

TwinArmageddons 4
TwinArmageddons 4
alstbv12 13

Hmm diaper and pregnant fetish. *checks pornhub* I don't see it.

Welcome to motherhood. Not saying that all moms wear diapers, but pregnancy can weaken some important muscles. Bad news they generally stay that way unless you remember to do your kegals. But hey what's a little dripping when you are going to have that baby to love. congratulations.

Awe, thats not funny...tehe lol but seriously YLS

bizarre_ftw 21

To be fair, I was going to suggest pads

CbDemyx 1

At least it's one or the other and not both.

I just want to take some time out of my day and thank god for, 1 being male and 2 having no allergies. I'm sorry OP I hope this is all over soon

FMLshark 12

And you're strangely disturbing.

I ******' love pregnant chicks that fart and piss their pants!

bizarre_ftw 21

It isn't the strangest thing humanity has found arousing by far. But personally I still find it odd and hard to fully understand

that's not good soon the baby will pop out lol

He put 'lol' after it, so that means he laughed! Therefore, it must be funny!

My god! What a humorous comment you have posted! Please, wait a short while before posting any more of your comedic gold on this site, as my sides are sore from simply laughing at this one here!

There should be some safe allergy medicine you can take while pregnant. I'm only 11 weeks pregnant and if I'm not in the bathroom the second I have to per, I'm pissing all over myself. It sucks, but I've heard a lot of women wear pads while pregnant to keep from soaking their underwear. Talk to your doctor, it's embarrassing but it's nothing they haven't heard. :)

Lol I'm 16 weeks and I get it bad too :( but nooo antihistamines for me!! :P

ninjuh_wingman 29

Well you can always hope it doesnt get worse.

In these situations you have to look at the bigger picture. After four more months of farting and wetting your self you will have a really beautiful baby girl or boy.

After the birth odds are she could continue to wet herself. Fun times!

Her muscles in her uterus may relax slightly due to the stretching where the baby has passed, but most women can gain back control by doing some simple square a few times each day.

desireev 17

Walking is the best way to get your muscles to tighten up again! OP, when you finally have your precious baby, go out for walks! I know you're going to be tired... But it's good for the body, mind, and soul! Good luck! :)

Since when do the muscles in the uterus have anything to do with urinary continence?

happymum_fml 10