By Anonymous - 16/03/2013 17:31 - Sweden - Karlskrona

Today, I had to use a public bathroom. I'm pregnant, though I don't really suffer from morning sickness. I do however suffer from sympathy puking, which kicked in with horrifying consequences when someone burst in and started vomiting in one of the other stalls. FML
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Good thing you were already in the bathroom.

3rdbass 9

You would be a great wingmate, puking with me so I wouldn't feel alone


Good thing you were already in the bathroom.

It's not even the smell the makes people puke, it is the sound. I would know lol. People just need to learn how to silence their puking unless they are too drunk or have the stomach flu.

17, I have a deviated septum, and even with 2 surgeries I still can't master silent puking... Sorry if it makes others uncomfortable

I'm certain that the smell also makes people puke.

SApprentice 34

17- How are you supposed to silent puke? It always leaves me retching and sobbing for breath, barely able to get in quick gasps of air before each heave. If I'm home with others and have time I usually turn on the water in the bathtub to mask it, but I can't help sounding like a horror movie.

22, I have a stomach condition in which it is paralyzed. Once there's too much food in my stomach, it has to puke back up. It took me a few months but I learned how to silence my puking. Puking is food and drinks. If the person was vomiting, then it isn't possible to silence that, seeing as it is bile and that pulls a lot more than just a stomach up. Either way, I puke every day and I'm able to keep it silent. Dry heaving is impossible to silence.

37 - There is no difference between puking and vomitting, puking is just more of a slang term for it. And bullshit you can puke silently. You might not make any noise, but your puke still does when it lands.... though I suppose that could be mistaken for some bad diarrhea...

Yes but think, if she was sitting on the toilet, where would her vomit go? o.O

I've never been a sympathetic vomiter, but I have a feeling I would do the same as you:/

SystemofaBlink41 27

I wouldn't say I'm a sympathy puker... I just get super nauseous if I hear someone, but it still sucks...

I know what you mean, especially if it was in a toilet, those water splashing noises are repulsive>.

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You would be a great wingmate, puking with me so I wouldn't feel alone

And that would be why it's posted on FML.

And that's why you tap, 'I agree, your life sucks'

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Bad pun... just bad, even by FML standards.

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I would have done the same thing

Be glad you have an excuse to be puking. Society sucks.

Bulimic model. Your comment makes sense after reading your bio.

I've always been a sympathetic puker. I feel horrible for you, OP. Vomiting is the most disgusting bodily function.

Not really, I'm indifferent when it comes to vomiting.

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Wait until your kid arrives -- you'll be hurling a few times a week!

At least you were in the bathroom :-) Good luck on your pregnancy