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Today, during a family game of basketball, my 15 year old son shoved me hard to get the ball. I fell and cut my arm badly on the ground. I yelled at him for being an idiot. He replied "Oh jeez, a bleeding woman being a bitch, what a fucking shocker." My husband doubled over laughing. FML
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One's grounded, and the other will likely spend some time on the couch.

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alliewillie 22

NOTHING is an EXCUSE to cheat. He wants counseling? Fine. To leave her? It's his choice. But "not enough sex" is NOT an excuse to cheat.

rylaii 26

I think #48 is trying to say withholding sex is a slippery slope. Not saying cheating is ok but it really does give him an excuse or if it works she could really abuse that power over him. Talking it out would really be better.

#50 Thanks for misunderstanding me on purpose. I never said cheating was ok. And withholding sex as a punishment is not the same as "not enough sex". In a healthy relationship both partners supposedly want sex. Just the fact that she sees "no sex for you" as a punishment means they're in trouble.

merryhappy1887 20

If I'm pisses off at you obviously I'm not having sex with you. Duh. So yea, it is sort of a punishment because you are not ******* me until you stop being an ass hole.

48, I am one of many who agree with you here. It hasn't taken me long to realize how sexist this site is. All these posters will side with the woman and defend the women is most scenarios here. There have been FML's where a woman hits a guy, and they put YDI. Also the worst one was a YDI one where a guy got stabbed with a pen, but ''he deserved it'' becasue he broke up with her in a mall, valid excuse for assault? No, and I agree, using sex as a weapon is not healthy but of course you're gonna get down voted because of the sexism here.

If a guy did something douchy and she doesn't feel like ******* him, it's not "using sex as a weapon" it's a WOMAN NOT WANTING TO **** A DOUCHE, and no there isn't any excuse to cheat. Jesus.

exactly. I like how everyone's ignoring the behavior of the guys and focusing on the woman's hypothetical "withholding of sex" as if she owes it to anyone.

It's not that she owes it to the man, obviously if there's trouble both parts will think twice before heading to bed. What's being discussed is the deliberate use of sex as a reward/punishment currency. It's very poisonous for a relationship, whether it comes from a man or a woman.

Grounded hell! My son ever speaks like that to any woman I'll bend his ass over in front of god and who ever else wants to watch.

born_hustla 26

But you're right! Don't need a psych to confirm.

born_hustla 26

It's not an excuse, it's sadly a reason that destroys relationships. You don't use the things that bonds you as a punishment. You seek help and talk things out. Hence why communication is the key and why you you learn how to spice things up and not by spite! *can I get an amen?*

born_hustla 26

I'm not ignoring the behavior of the guys but it is simply being scrutinized for no reason. It can be so easily dealt with thru communication. In the heat of the moment, The mom should be hella mad, the son will definitely have one of those moments where he goes "oops sorry mom", the dad sees the humor in it but his wife will definitely see it too but not in front of her son which is what he will definitely say to his husband. It's called family situations. And that's how you deal with that one! *shout me an amen please*

born_hustla 26

And Sasha, in a healthy relationship/marriage, you owe your husband as much loving as he owes you; hence the vows "for better or for worse". *can a bro get another amen*

sylverdrag_fml 9

"The behavior of the guy"... It's all down to the actual circumstances. The OP writes it like her son hurt her on purpose. They were playing a game, there is a fair chance it was accidental and it's pretty obvious she is not badly injured. The kid was very cheeky, but all her husband did was laugh. Some bad behavior this is.

I wouldn't be grounded for life, I would be dead or running for the hills immediately after I said that...

If sex is the only thing that bonds you, you ****** up. There's people who have no desire for sex that are together and perfectly happy.

Sounds like two guys in the house need to be grounded.

Sounds like the father needs to learn how to actually be a father to his son but it's seems like it's too late..

I'm going to be honest. Not that I condone him pushing his mom but that's how boys play, like instinct. But what he said after should be what's really punished. Surprised the husband just laughed.

The mom should ground him for being disrespectful and also shove him around the court too and tell him to stop being a bitch.

#72 sorry but as a woman with a sense of humour, I would have doubled over laughing too.

KeannaLove 32

#100, I'm a woman with a sense of humor too. I can laugh at even the most sexist jokes. However, what her son said was disrespectful to his mother, regardless if he was joking or not. You don't talk to your parents like that, period.

#119 See that's the thing - a comment like this I would never take as a personal attack. It's clearly not intended as such. If it was my son and he'd just straight out looked at me bleeding and told me in far less disrespectful terms that it wasn't a big deal I would actually be upset and have a serious talk with him. But I believe he saw an opportunity to make a hilarious double-entendre and he voiced it for no other reason than comedic value. I know better than to punish him for it and in doing so ironically prove his point. I am consistent with this approach: if it's not meant to cause offense to me, then none shall be taken. To each their own on this, but my life experiences have led me to place far, far greater importance on intentions, beliefs and inner attitudes than I would on light-hearted comments clearly not personally directed at me. On the other hand, I can't stand nice words if they aren't truly meant. I'd rather have a son who makes 'disrespectful' jokes at my expense he doesn't really mean and I don't really take seriously, but who otherwise co-operates with my rules, abides by my values and means well than a son who is superficially polite in order to avoid punishment but otherwise keeps secrets and rejects my ideals and opinions. I believe that's fair.

#100 Sense of humor or not, people need to teach their children manners because a lot of kids these days lack them.

#154 You misunderstand me: I never said anything about not teaching your children manners. It goes without saying that you can't be impolite with someone you aren't close to or hell, someone you just met. But anyway, the important thing is I share your opinions that children shouldn't disrespect their parents. We just have different ideas on what disrespect really means. I view it as more of an attitude than a behaviour (hence why best friends can make harmless jabs at each other with no repercussions). Even if you disagree with me on everything else, you have to agree with the fact that how politely someone speaks does not necessarily indicate an internal high regard for the person. In the same way, how crudely someone jokes does not necessarily indicate disrespect. It might just indicate a higher degree of comfort and closeness in the relationship. I have witnessed and been in all sorts of family/friend relationships and I have noticed the closer people are/the more they understand one another, the more freely they make what would seem like insulting jokes to one another from an outsider's perspective. And the fact that no offense is meant or taken is actually more often an indication of a positive, supportive relationship rather than a negative one. Parental relationships included - and of course they are, there's no logical reason why they shouldn't be. That being said, it's one of those things that just seems bizarre and counter-intuitive from a third person POV. Unless you've experienced it yourself you can't really understand it.

Both the son and the hubby are blatant misogynists and I love the victim blaming and other b/s in the comments. Jesus people.

I totally agree with you. My mother and I have an amazing relationship and I respect her as my mother and I follow her rules and I love her but we both make jokes at eachother and even get into name calling matches. Which yes might seem a little immature but we have fun doing it and it brings us closer.

That's not instinct. It's how their raised.

I would never call my mother a bitch, even if I was joking. That's ******* disrespectful and my future kid won't get away with calling me names.

Why is everyone defending the kid and husband by saying, "Oh, he was joking"? Who gives a shit if he was joking, the kid was still disrespectful and the context of the joke was sexist and offensive. If I was the mom I would have broke my foot off in both their asses.

It's possible he snapped out of laughing and told his son that what he said to his mother was wrong.

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MzZombicidal 36

She didn't say either, #11. She said he was a dick and that guys will never understand that sort of situation (menstruation) and both of those statements are true. She also said SOME guys in the end. :P

Umm.. did you not read the part where she said some GUYS can be so judgmental?

Did you forget the part where OP is the guy's mother???

Well she's right, some guys are judgmental about menstruation. The reason she only said guys is because little to no women judge each other about periods because it is something we all experience. However, some guys are lovely and understanding, she is not meaning to generalise you all, there are only a few bad eggs who just don't get it. This being said, there are some women who are judgmental about issues that men face too.

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dare someone point out that a lot of guys (not just a few bad eggs) are extremely disrespectful towards women, are sexist and condone this kind of thing all the while demanding women never call them on it. So no, not "some" guys.

only a few? what world have you been living in? It's literally the majority of guys.

Let me take a wild guess... You're a feminist?

Actually, 106, Some women don't experience PMS, one such being my girlfriend. She complains about girls she knows are on their periods "using it as an excuse to be a bitch." So while some women actually can't help it, some overreact. It's a generalization to say every girl has it rough when that's simply just not the case.

born_hustla 26

I think you should read my comments..they will definitely help you hop off the sexism (in general) bandwagon. Can we all get along? Let's open out minds! Amen?!

But if guys had periods they would constantly be complaining through the week...

So they'd be doing what women already do. :)

In other words: Guys would be doing exactly what girls do.

sammyjanette 17

They'd get monthly vacations for their "ailment".

@4 How is that any different than what women already do?

LeoCor 18

Ahh that's pretty much what she is implying... yes men would be doing what woman are currently doing? Is that meant to be an insult?

thebigslim 13

Flagrant what? It helps to finish your sentences.

rylaii 26

Clearly #55 is not a of the NBA

Flagrant. As in a flagrant foul in basketball. I'm guessing you're not very familiar with the ruling contents of the sport.

you should have thrown the ball at his face as hard as you could!

And guess who gets to pay for it if a trip to the dentist or ER is involved? Seems rather counterproductive.

#41 also besides costs, what the hell does that teach the kid? Not to mention how ****** up that is to purposely seriously injure your child. Push him around a bit but you took it pretty far

Does nobody remember that it's her kid? Ya, he's overly competitive and a little rough on the court. But good parenting is explaining how self control is necessary even in a competitive environment. Not yelling at him for "being an idiot." Calling your kid names and acting like a child yourself only creates resentment and diminishes respect. I've lost respect for my parents for similar reasons. I find it funny when they say I need to show them respect because they're so insecure. If you want your kids respect, you have to earn it, not demand it. OP sounds like the type of parent who lost it, just by calling her son an idiot for a competitive tendency.

born_hustla 26

...wrong sport! You're talking about dodgeball

gintwinsmoore 20

she lost it bc he made her cut her arm pretty badly...not bc she was as competitive as he was. But great point you've made and I can't understand why you've been thumbed down so much...asshats did this I'll bet. I like saying asshats. lol

If it is, then your son's a prick, should probably do something about that.

Then u should have replied ooh a grounded boy going to his room what a shocker

If I was his mother, I would've shut off all the electricity in his room for a good amount of time. That should teach a brat to show some damn respect.

What if he goes to another room to play?

All electronics would be gone, too, and if he had to use the Internet to do homework, he'd have to stay after school. An uncaring, swearing kid needs to learn a lesson.

gintwinsmoore 20

her son is already past the point of no return...there is no sending him to his room. it's preparing him for adulthood ASAP so he can have his own space outside of the house.

Take a belt to his and the husband's bottom.

Kids these days don't respect anything or anybody it seems, I'm just barely an adult myself but I was taught to respect my parents...

it matters how the kid Is raised by the parent

It's not kids these days, it's parents these days. They're afraid to punish their kids, then complain about their behavior.

haha my parents would have kicked the shit out of me if I said anything like that. but OP is a sweet mom for playing ball with him, even if he took it too far.

If my kid ever talked to me like that he wouldn't think twice about calling a woman a bitch again. That's just disrespectful.

alliewillie 22

Did you mean that he "would" think twice about doing it again?

#10 Depends on the way he said it. If he was just being a complete brat and didn't give a shit at all about her then yeah, I'd ground him. But if if it was my son and he was just joking and otherwise immediately went to care for the injury he caused, I'd probably start laughing too. I can take a joke and I know not to take myself too seriously. The strict authoritarian parenting style my mum had throughout my childhood almost destroyed our relationship in later life. Meanwhile, I have a good relationship with my dad - I take the piss out of him all the time, and yet I have a mountain of respect for him; I look up to him and take his advice on things and having his approval is really important to me. You know, the kind of parent who really makes you feel terrible if you've done something wrong cuz you let them down, not because they rant and rave at you and dish out punitive measures. So taking a page from his book, I plan on having a more laid-back relationship with my future kids. I want to be close and comfortable enough with them that we can get away with making jokes like these - same way I would with my husband or close friends. So long as there is mutual trust and understanding I can take a few disrespectful remarks if made in jest.

It's "would think twice." Saying that he wouldn't think twice means that he'd do it without needing to think about it.

Sometimes wouldn't think twice just means he wouldn't even think about doing it at all. Sometimes it's the other way around like you mentioned but I don't think they're talking about it like that

There's being able to joke back and forth with your kid and there's letting them disrespect you. Anyway, let me know about the "mountain of respect" you get in return.

gintwinsmoore 20

nice...I agree. bc it's never gonna happen.

101- i got bored after the first paragraph..

#51 I think they mean he wouldn't think twice because the thought would never cross his mind again.

#140 as I said, I place far more value on intent and inner beliefs than on jokes people don't mean. Someone can act respectful but deep down not give a shit about what the other person thinks or wants; likewise, someone can make snarky jokes with no intention of offense and actually care deeply about the other person's wishes. So long as there is a mutual understanding of no harm meant/done, there is nothing necessarily wrong with the latter. There is, however, something very wrong with the former. I have experienced both kinds of relationships with both my parents; funny how both me and my little brother ended up rebellious and defiant towards our mother but would never dream of upsetting our father. He was reasonable and firm with other rules but when it came to communication he allowed us equal freedom of speech, you might say. He always explained his decisions and if we disagreed with anything, he'd hear us out. He never instilled any sort of communication barrier, never once punished us for 'talking back'; as a result I value his opinions, heed his advice and seek his approval to this day. And indeed, we're super close/comfortable with each other, to the point where we can make terrible jokes about each other like old friends. If that's not a positive parental relationship, I don't know what is. But I'm happy to agree to disagree. I guess it's just one of those things where you have to have experienced it to understand it.