By Jessy - 14/10/2011 11:22 - United Kingdom

Today, I was driving home when I saw my boyfriend chundering on the side of the road, into an old lady's shopping basket. FML
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Because she saw her boyfriend puking?

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misread the FML... I'm sorry I wasted the first comment ! :(

Woho! Another Hatsune Miku Fan!

Yeah chundering=vomiting. Though when someone uses the word chundering, I always think that it's really violent puking, like projectile vomiting.

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Only reason I know this...Men at Work. :P *starts singing Land Down Under*

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Wasn't sure to hit FYL or YDI because I had no idea what chundering meant.

Chundering is what posh students in England call being sick. Watch gap yar on YouTube to see what I mean

I thought chundering was walking in a cocky way

I inferred the meaning of chundering from the story, given that there are really only 2 possible things a man could be... Let's say "projecting" .. Into an old lady's shopping bag on the side of the road. Luckily for OP, it was the better of the two options. :D

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hahaha i had no idea what chundering meant until i read the comments. at first i thought he was jacking off into a basket

Chunder is an English word stemming from the olden days when people were on sailing ships. If you (almost surely) were seasick, and vomited over the side, you would yell "watch under" in case someone was down below painting the ship or had their cabin window open - the saying was simplified to chunder - why don't people google things these days??

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78 - ur pic is the same face I make when I see some crispy bacon.

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I clicked on the comments just to see what chundering meant

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You're making us vomit with your incoherent sentences filled with poor grammar.

I'm sure*. You're* Happy?:) And that's your bulimia, not my lack of grammar.

I've never had to read a sentence so many damn times to understand it.

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Wait 52... You understand it? I'm still trying to find some sort of sanity in the comment.

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#19: Why didn't you use correct grammar the first time around? It's comments like this that help us to appreciate the good ones.

And you didn't pull over to help him? That poor bag... And her groceries.

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Groceries? Probably more like all of her possessions. The poor homeless bag.

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Sounds like you got a real winner

Did you chunder after you saw him chundering.

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I would have chundered, if my auto-correct didn't keep changing it to chimeras.

I like the word chunder, it makes me think of the lord vomiting on the world

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There goes her Christmas present.

No Halloween candy goes to waste, she is still able to use them. Only if she doesn't live near my street.