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Today, I argued heavily with my dad over being dragged to a family game of lacrosse. All through the game, he kept "accidentally" hurling the ball straight at me on the sideline. After he eventually nailed me straight in the heart, he screamed at me to "get out of the fucking way". FML
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Scumbag dad seems to take lacrosse too seriously. I think he was more intent on getting revenge than on actually playing the game. You know what they say, it's not who wins or loses, but how you play the game. And OP, your dad plays like an asshole. I'm extremely sorry for your maniacal father, OP.

  Bekeliyr  |  10

Haha maybe he's just trying to toughen you up. But in all serious I hope you didn't get whacked by the stick or the ball cause those are so painful. Especially when you get nailed in the shin with a stick.

  icrest80  |  4

He shouldnt be intentionally trying to hit her. A kid from my school last summer was hit in the chest with a lacrosse ball and he got a heart attack only to be saved by a defribulator. The trainer who used them had never even used them before

  ItsPersonal  |  6

76-so you hope he didn't get hit with a stick or the ball but in the FML it states the OP got nailed in the heart eventually after repeatedly being aimed for...what the hell do you think he got hit with?

  srgsk9  |  9

One of the reasons NYS coaches have to carry defibrillators now is because a kid in our Section was drilled in the chest with a lacrosse ball. His heart stopped, and the kid died at the scene. Tell your Dad he's a dickhead for me.

  geerod22  |  5

Get out of the way of golf ball(ish) sized projectiles flying at your chest from random directions at insane speeds? Unless OP is Noor, she'd have a pretty tough time with that.

  buck33  |  14

37 - it's barely smaller than a baseball.
41 - they aren't too heavy, but it is solid rubber and hurts terribly, especially taking shots. Trust me, in a defender. Haha.

By  TheFamilyElf  |  17

I think you both sound like lovely people.
F the lives of the rest of the people at the game that had to watch and listen to the two of you bitch at each other.
Edit: sorry everybody, it wouldn't post the comment then it ended up posting twice.
I feel awkward.