By Anonymous - 23/07/2016 23:04 - United States - Atlanta

Today, during a heated argument with my son, I lost my temper and called him a son of a bitch. He enthusiastically agreed. FML
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You walked right into that one, didn't you?

He could'nt miss an opportunity like that .... YDI.


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My mother raised my 2 younger brothers and me, my brothers are 16 and 18 years old and one of them is mentally unstable, yet it's all going perfectly fine. Your point ?

What does that have to do with anything?

Teenagers are not the problem, my point. Sorry if you're too dumb to understand such simple things. I thought it was obvious.

I'm pretty sure they were talking about the mom acting like a teenager

By the looks of your thumbs down, it clearly wasn't.

I think the comment was referring to the mom acting like a teenager. Side note - Honestly, I think if teenagers have not argued with their parents at some point...everything is not fine. It's normal to bicker at least once. You're also an arrogant and condescending asshole. Hope your brothers aren't the same.

TimTheLeg 11

If you're going to explain yourself at least try not to be a condensing prick at the same time...

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That was sorta an OK question. I sometimes over look the symbols, but you can also use context clues sometimes. Don't be so hard on him guys!

He could'nt miss an opportunity like that .... YDI.

Toss a meatball like that over the plate and it's a surefire homerun

I hate it when people parent like this. If he were to call you something like this you'd probably be up in arms. Set a better example.

I always heard the whole "I'm the parent, you're the child" thing when I was a little younger, so she'd probably use that for reasoning as to why she could say that and he couldn't. As inadequate for reasoning as that is.

Maybe but you don't know that. You don't know what the argument was about, lots of assuming. But that 'I'm the parent, you're the child' really annoys me!

Well, we do know that, because the FML is that the son agreed. So she was upset at the idea of her son calling her a bitch.

we know he agreed. We don't know if he was right.

Wizardo 33

Congratulations, you played yourself. - DJ Khaled

To be honest you walked right into that one

Moms tend to say crap like that it sounds like you didn't mean it I hate my parents most of the time my mom still never apologized for calling me a ******* retard don't know if son of a bitch or that is worse

Punctuation was invented for a very good reason...

Oh they don't so I guess I am different from other families I envy