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  poostool  |  5

Aussie women are bred from a long line of convicts. Of course they're tough, prison does that to you.

OP, just tear her anus with butt sex then jizz on it. Strawberries and cream. Problem solved!!

  Enigmax2514  |  7

I once went to Australia, most of the gals were fit as hell and some of the men were huge, tanned and their fists look like they could squash your brains with 1 knuckled punch. Just saying. Gotta love those kangaroos

  Jammy01jams  |  2

Well Australia was populated by criminals at one point... You'd think the people living there would be beasts...

  _Vamp_  |  3

It's ok 31/gangsta beiber. I know you probably don't have a father figure and your mother probably hates you. I can tell from the haircut that she really doesn't give a damn. Of course, I'm joking, because you are like 12, but really, run along and play and stop commenting. You're digging yourself a nice hole.