By anonymous - 09/10/2011 01:20 - Australia

Today, I was play-wrestling with my girlfriend. I ended up with a cut, three bruises on my arm and a black eye. She just giggled the entire time. FML
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better start heading to the gym more often

enonymous 8

Didn't know you that Australian women are the 5th leading cause of death? Only behind cancer, guns, Justin Bieber CDs and Chuck Norris jokes?

jesscarrr 10

They breed us girls tough in Australia

_Vamp_ 9

They breed you gals with the blood of kangaroos and other deadly woodland critters.

Aussie women are bred from a long line of convicts. Of course they're tough, prison does that to you. OP, just tear her anus with butt sex then **** on it. Strawberries and cream. Problem solved!!

DKjazz 20

Those koalas, man. They look cuddly, but they aren't. They're like, vicious spartan warriors or something. Man. Koalas. ****.

22. You were breeded with blood of firing ********'s. They have more balls then you do.

I once went to Australia, most of the gals were fit as hell and some of the men were huge, tanned and their fists look like they could squash your brains with 1 knuckled punch. Just saying. Gotta love those kangaroos

btnhdude 0

31, You were breeded and became justin beiber's offspring; he's the mom and you're the daughter.

Jammy01jams 2

Well Australia was populated by criminals at one point... You'd think the people living there would be beasts...

_Vamp_ 9

It's ok 31/gangsta beiber. I know you probably don't have a father figure and your mother probably hates you. I can tell from the haircut that she really doesn't give a damn. Of course, I'm joking, because you are like 12, but really, run along and play and stop commenting. You're digging yourself a nice hole.

rallets 22

you should have let her keep her hair the color it was without dyeing it

Or he could stop dating a pro female boxer.

At least you know you don't have to deal with that whole defending-your-girlfriend-from-horny-thugs-in-dark-alleys thing :)

well if it was the other way around, you'd probably be in some deep shit with the law.

zellybo15 0

well I hope she didn't leave looking the same as when you started either lol

Lol. You got beaten up by a girl that wasn't even trying!

Senior29 8

Maybe he didn't want to hurt her 'Violence against women, Australia says no'

Australia says no to everything it would suck without m rated games

Owned! LOL!! Is your gf granddaughter of that granny with the stick? :oD

Was she actually trying to hurt you ? If not, that's kind of sad(:

At least you still have your pride....oh wait she probably took that too!

Don't let the door hit you in the ****** on the way out

SirEBC 7

I would have beat the mother **** out of that stupid ******* gutterwhore bitch. Just kidding.