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By Anonymous - 19/04/2012 06:24

Today, someone burgled my hotel room. As always, I had locked my passport, extra cash, and other valuables in the closet safe, so I thought the losses would be superficial. What a discovery that the safe hadn't been fastened to the closet shelf, so the thief just picked it up and took it home. FML
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icadragoon 11

What hotel did you stay at so I can avoid staying there.

I never noticed that. Better be more careful next time OP Maybe next time you go to a hotel you can fill the safe up with rocks and bring your valuables with you. You know, just in case :P


I never noticed that. Better be more careful next time OP Maybe next time you go to a hotel you can fill the safe up with rocks and bring your valuables with you. You know, just in case :P

N9ne_ZxxZxxZ_ 3

I dont know how op is supposed to be more careful when they put all their valuables in a safe that wasnt bolted down by the hotel company. what op does need to do is complain to the management team and tell them to replace and/or get his stuff back

aaahhhfire21 0

Correct me if I'm wrong but extra cash and passport seem like things a person would wanna keep on them especially when on vacation

NereidAlbel 14

Bumping into one pickpocket means you're SOL if ALL of your cash AND your passports are in your pockets when you leave the hotel. Leaving backup cash and your passports in the hotel safe is SUPPOSED to prevent such issues.

Call me a nutcase but.. I sometimes have razor blades in my pockets where the wallet is incase of pickpocketing..

And what happens when you take your wallet out yourself? Or your significant other or children (no offense if you have neither ofcourse)

fuckmebutdontfml 16

I would call you a nutcase but that's actually really smart if you can avoid cutting yourself

25, I'm used to blades and I know where they are when I take wallet out ^_^ Better safe than sorry. And no offense taken ^_^ If I meet my significant other, I would tell her about it so:)

peachesncreem 21

I've never stayed at a hotel where the safe wasn't bolted down and I've been to quite a few hotels. An inside job maybe?

sugarr0babby0 0

Next time, make sure the safe is safe

burglarized is the more common term but burgled is also correct

In English (as opposed to American) "Burgled" is the only common form. "Burglarized" just sounds crass and cumbersome.

My biggest qualm was with the word "home";I would have liked it if he had used "secret hideout", it paints more of a criminal and mischievous image in my mind

@83: And "burgled" sounds like you're gargling. What's your point?

Burgled sounds like gerbil with a d at the end. Is it really right? How is it pronounced? Is burglured a word? Something like that..

83 and 76: Thanks for clearing that up for me ... I'm American so it is more common for someone to say "robbed", "broke into" , or "burglarized". I didn't mean to troll.

icadragoon 11

What hotel did you stay at so I can avoid staying there.

siickman 7

Robberies can happen anywhere and any moment... Just because its a "rich" neighborhood doesnt mean shit.... in OP's case i think they were just unlucky ...

Yes, that's a word. Isn't it fun to know things?!

Next time avoid staying at Bates Motel. Mother wouldn't approve.

BeThePanda 1

I don't know why everyone is thumbing this down, I thought it was funny.

Actually it was, if you know what the Doc was talking about. 'Bates Motel' is a reference to an old television show, 'Psycho'. Mother is the ghost that haunts the motel. Sorry Doc, this was before most of our times.

60-I still got reference an it wasn't all that funny, to me atleast.

she's not a ghost isn't her corpse that he talks to himself with her voice And replies in his own

RussianFox - that's why they say that opinions are like assholes: everyone has one, and yours stinks I may have paraphrased a bit.

When DocBastard was initially getting thumbed down I was shocked. I never thought I'd see the day.

It can also refer to the movie by Alfred Hitchcock in '66 where a bank teller runs off with a bag full of cash, And is slain in her room at a roadside motel. You can watch the movie for yourself, though I've probably already said too much. ;)

84- I didn't know FML affected your life so seriously that you'd be shocked at someone being thumbed down.

It has nothing to do with a reflection of my life. Anybody can read something and be shocked.

99-You can't blame him for being shocked. Even when DocBastard says something that was wrong or not all that hilarious , people still thumb him up. Nothing you can really do about it.

RussianFox - Don't be so naive. I've had many comments voted down to the 4th ring of Hell. Not too many of my comments are award winners, but I've had my fair share of stinkers, too.

gmc_blossom 21

I always enjoy DocBastard's comments. I find them to be very entertaining.

Sixers01 0

127 - Get off his dick... Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say but nothing comes out when they move they lips just a bunch of gibberish and motherfuckas act like they forgot about DRE.

137-That was verbal SHIT. Learn punctuation, and stop trying to rap.

it's not even virbal... it's text, text can't be virbal...

141- your profile bio compared to your comment makes you a hypocrit.

that's when you place an explosive divice in it so if it's opened forcefully it blows up and kills the theif...

And blow's up OP's valuables as well.. genius

opened forcefully and she/he doesn't have them anymore because they were stolen...

And then the thief's family sues you for killing him/her and wins more money than you ever had in the safe to begin with.

gracevet88 0

Or knockout gas and a tracker

Lightcrusade 9

Yes, socks the safest form of storing valuables

And the nicest cover of something valuable. IYKWIM

Ugh. - especially so if traveling abroad. I had my passport & camera stolen while in Poland on a group trip and was stuck for 3 days figuring everything out with the consulate and travel agency while the group went on to the warm weather part of the trip. Hope you had a friend to help you OP!

snator 0

Sue the hotel I mean their responsability for not attatching safe. Oh and next time make sure safe is safe.

seriously...that's ridiculous. or the hotel should at least cover all of the losses

thiscrazything 1

Why does everybody want to sue, as soon as anything goes wrong?

courtneyann211 10

42 it isn't the hotels fault. They have a sign in all the safes that say something along the lines of how they aren't responsible for stolen items and putting them in the safe is also not the hotels responsibility.

But #59, it is the legal obligation of the hotel to have the safe mounted in such a way that it cannot be easily removed

courtneyann211 10

77- almost all hotels I have stayed at (which is quite a few) all have them on the floor where they can move to clean it. Granted they weigh about 100 lbs. They have safes behind the front desk for a reason.

86, I stayed at the Hilton last year. The safe was bolted to the shelf which in turn was mounted to the wall. Most upper level hotels mount the safes

Is it really? I'm not aware of any law requiring this (of course I have not looked very hard) and any hotel room I have stayed in says something like "A safe is provided for your convenience but the hotel accepts no liability...". It is, however, pretty suspicious. You can't just slip a safe into your coat pocket so whoever took this had some means of removing it, suggesting that it was more than a spur-of-the-moment thing. It would also not be worth stealing a hotel safe unless you expected to be able to open it. The likely value of what's inside and the work involved in forcing it open suggest to me that they had a "master-key" type device but didn't want it to look like an inside job as it would if they opened it in the room. I reckon it's a stitch up.

courtneyann211 10

I have stayed in plenty of Hilton hotels. None have been on a shelf. 90-thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has noticed the sign about the in-room safes.

You get what you pay for, including shitty hotels. I've been to hotels where i played cops and robbers with my little brother with the safe on the bed. Thing is, they're pretty heavy and bulky. I wonder if no one saw someone walking funny

because that's what the world has come too...

Are people that oblivious lately? It's easy to see of someone is carrying a safe or so on I guess.. But fyl :/ Hope you get your stuff replaced ^_^ At least you only lost valuables and not your life :) Thy should be your main concern But now you know from experience to double or triple check any safe :)

KM96 24

You should take it up with the hotel because its their fault! They should pay for everything stolen.

fuckmebutdontfml 16

I sence another fml soon, "Today I got the hotel to pay me back for everything that got stollen with the safe, they just needed to see my passport for ID, to bad it was in the safe. FML"

KM96 24

Ha ha - lol . That would be funny and so true at the same time!

fuckmebutdontfml 16

that safe is so far away from being safe!