By Annomymous - United States - Clarkston
Today, my asshat roommate tricked me into eating a weed brownie. I thought it was his terrible attempt at baking regular brownies until it kicked in at college. I was so high, I started giggling like a schoolgirl when my instructor said "Dickens". Now everyone thinks I'm a retard. FML
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  riffehunter  |  16

along with this (assuming you dont share a bathroom) you should put some sort of hard candy in the showerhead, they will disolve and he will be coated in sugar, so during the day he will feel progressively sticky, and what does he do when he comes home? takes another shower....
continue as felt necessary
icy hot on the toilet seat also has great effects, but is more obvious.

By  BlondePsycho  |  43

This actually happened to me too once but I took the form of revenge by slapping the person who did it to me. I hit them four or five times in the face because I was so high I "messed up that time so you have to let me try again."

  bahamit  |  18

Not a grammar nazi but seriously ware......
On the other hand, I agree with what you meant, a prank war challenge has been issued by your FML family, you must proceed with act one, subtle revenge.

  rylaii  |  26

The r is right next to the e. Really easy to add it on to a word, you would know that but your probably one of five people who don't use the qwerty keyboard.

  BlondePsycho  |  43

Weed brownies or cookies dont always reek of weed, and if something tastes "kinda funny" but ok and you cant place the flavor, what do you usually do? Take another bite to see if you can figure it out

  Exaspera  |  54

If you're going to make special brownies or cookies, be sure to make a 'straight' batch because you'll go and get the munchies, eat a whole bunch of the special cookies and be high for about 24 hours of more.