By wtffireworks! - 26/05/2011 02:10 - United States

Today, at work, there was a police officer waiting for me. Bewildered, I asked what the problem was. Someone had shot fireworks at cars in the parking lot and I was a suspect. Why? Ponytails on men apparently look suspicious. FML
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Damn right they do.

you do know people shooot fireworks out of their pony tails

A firework must have been shot in your brain.

Ponytails on ponies seems suspicious

They look creepy and suspicious.... profiling is there for a reason! lol

Yeeeaaah OP, just some friendly advice- you should probably stay away from little kids too... And you most definitely deserve it for having a pony tail, we're not in the late 70s anymore boss. Just don't grow a mustache, as well. For your own safety.

uh yea that is suspicious op..

#16, you look snobby and dumb. Still like profiling?

YDI for having a pony tail

"a ponytail on a man says don't fuck with me, while pigtails on a man say here, hold these while you fuck me" -Daniel Tosh

75- that is gross but funny OP you should probably just cut your hair although men with ponytails scare me o_O

yes yes i do reaponce for 16

Ya he got ya there. I mean you fit the profile ;)

I effing love Daniel tosh. And to all the haters out there for ponytails on men, na na na boo boo stick your head in doodoo I'm better than you

ydi for having a pony tail. esp if you're balding in front.

because if some asshole would have shot off fireworks, you are gonna assume that male with a ponytail would have done it! so ydi for having a male ponytail

time to snip that off

and If u believe them then your brain is small like a korean penis (yourfavoritemartian)

and if you believe them, then your brain is small like a korean penis.

so do trench coats and mustaches. you should avoid appearances with a social stigma if you don't like people being suspicious of you. or just don't hand around pre schools anymore. that would help too

Trench coats are awesome! I wish I had one...

Dude, you look creepy enough as it is. Could be the evil red glow. :P

Red? I thought is was pink. I assumed he was gay and needed the trench coat to attend gay porno's without having to wear pants. You know, easy access. lol

lsmall minded people suck!

ismall minded people should just go die

so do people that don't know how to spell

Well yeah, you can't blame them for thinking that.

Maybe the Police were given a suspect description of a male with ponytails.

yur profile pic turned me on

he's right though.. almost as suspicious as bald..

Ponytails: End of a pony's ass? OKAY Back of a dude's head? NOT OKAY

Your spelling made me cry.

I really cannot think of many instances where it WAS intentional.

I make babies cry..

I have a ponytail, and also make 100k a year. You sir, look like a skinny faggot in your picture.