By DOCMONROE / Monday 30 September 2013 22:51 / United States - Marion
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By  Lemurcat  |  12

Op, if she doesn't like the idea, don't keep pushing it on her. It doesn't matter how perfect breast milk is, friends come first. If she's uncomfortable and doesn't want to sell, lay off.

  Examine  |  7

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  ElizabethNL93  |  20

There are actually places where women who pump more breast milk than they need/use can donate it. Of course, they get tested for diseases and such, and if they are healthy, then they can donate. I'm sure you could go online and find a website that gives/sells it. That being said, see a therapist, OP.

  hamburgerjung  |  18

That's gonna be the next question: By the way... this sounds creepy too, but I've heard it's only really good, if it's fresh... So... Would you be so kind to lift your shirt? :D

  nightowl713  |  24

OP needs to understand just what exactly he is asking her to do. If she isn't planning on breast feeding after the first month, unless you are paying REALLY well, it isn't worth the pain she will go through. Breast feeding is an extremely uncomfortable and often times painful act, even just using a pump. She will have to continue buying pads for her bras, pay for containers to store it in, and take at least 20-30 minutes a pumping session away from her day. And besides all of that, it's pretty weird.

  mangoboy1  |  19

He has his own goals. While I personally don't like the look of most anyone bigger than Arnold, I do respect their bodies because I know how hard it is to get there.

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