By Anonymous - Sweden
Today, my boyfriend gave me an early wedding present. I opened the box and inside was the most adorable cat I've ever seen! It got scared, jumped out, clawed my face and pissed everywhere. My wedding is tomorrow and I look like Frankenstein's bride. FML
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By  Twinklestar  |  0

I don't think a couple of scratches makes you look like frankensteins bride. It won't be that noticeable with a bit of concealer and you can just ask the photographer to photoshop the scratches out in your wedding photo's if you can even see them.


also, frankenstien is the scientist in the novel, so his bride wouldn't look that bad. frankenstein's monster isn't frankenstein. the monster does not have a name.

just saying

  lil_lucy23  |  0

Looking at where the OP is from would have been a smart thing to do before insulting their English on a public forum and looking like an ass? I'm just sayin...

When are people going to realize that the internet is an global forum, and stop making the ignorant assumption that everyone out there speaks English? FYI - The majority of internet users are not English speaking.

  asafetybuzz  |  0

i agree with you. that's why i wasn't going to say anything. i was like "boyfriend? what? oh well. maybe she just doesn't like the word fiancee." it isn't that big of a deal to be pointed out anyway.

  WTFsGoingOn  |  0

While I agree with everyone that is was not a big deal and didn't need to be pointed out, I don't really follow the logic of yelling at someone for being ignorant and assuming everyone speaks english. That honestly is not ignorant considering that the post was made in english and is grammatically correct with no errors or word confusion (I say this with the realization that not everyone uses the word fiancee and even the ones who do still mix it up sometimes).

From reading the post I never would have imagined that english was not the OP's first language. She has a much better grasp on the language than most people who were raised writing it to begin with.

  maipinkbear  |  0

lil lucy you need to calm down. before you tell us to read more carefully, notice that there are no insults directed at OP or anyone else. no need to get so defensive and edgy

  littlexlion  |  4

"Looking at where the OP is from would have been a smart thing to do before insulting their English on a public forum and looking like an ass? I'm just sayin..."

Did I ever insult her? I was confused if anything. Never did I once say, "go learn English, you twit," or anything like that. Now you, my friend, look quite silly. Take it easy, will ya?


  WTFsGoingOn  |  0

Uhm, I don't know what you are looking at but I see the word "an" in the OP, which according to you and the grammatical rules of the english language is correct.

By  blastvortex  |  3

Bah. The groom jinxed the wedding. He should've known better. Oh, well. That's nothing that a good bit of makeup shouldn't fix. You'll probably be wearing tons of it for the wedding anyway.