Don't dick around with those guys

By Cuntface McGee - 21/02/2014 21:37 - Romania - Dej

Today, I was chilling out with my friend in a parking lot, when a police officer came up to the vehicle and suspiciously asked what we were up to. My friend sarcastically said, "Uh, doing drugs? Planning a drive-by? Haha!" We soon found ourselves in the back of a cop car. FML
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With al the cop stories I'm reading about on this site, I think it's safe to say that the police have zero sense of humour.


With al the cop stories I'm reading about on this site, I think it's safe to say that the police have zero sense of humour.

Orlinda 2

some do, but it all depends on who it is and if their in a good mood

3- Romanian cops tend not to have much of a humor..

Box0choklitz 8

they can't take any risks like in this situation. the cop didnt know that it was a joke, so he was just doing his job.

#5- Do you know this from experience? What crime did you commit?

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But it seems like the cop did have a sense of humour of his own. Probably laughed under his breath. Perfect way to handle your smart ass friend by scaring him a little. Sucks that you were involved in the mix but I doubt you were arrested under no grounds. Just taught a lesson not to undermine authority while they're just doing their job.

larrena2377 26

#35 considering OPs friend gave them probable cause they more than likely did get arrested. I'd be extremely surprised if not.

cryssycakesx3 22

because that isn't the time to joke.

Well it's not like you're gonna hear good cop stories on this website...

Sometimes it feels like the cops ARE the joke.

tompou6 19

I think the cop didn't want to take any chances

The problem was it just wasn't ridiculous enough, they totally could've been doing those things. Working on how they're going to start WW3 on the other hand, that might work.

Are the police supposed to have good sense of humor? And was the author's friend joke supposed to be funny? Would you have laughed if you were the cop?

Orlinda 2

I wonder what the cop did after finding out it was a joke

I think that he knew it was a joke from the beginning but he wanted to show them that joking around about stuff like that isn't funny.

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It's like joking about having a bomb at the airport. It's neither the time nor the place for a joke. The friend is indeed really ******* stupid.

Yea. OP, you shouldn't chill with really ******* stupid friends...

buttcramp 21

I would have been all "I don't even KNOW this lunatic!"

#30- They were in the parking lot together so how could OP say he doesn't know him?

cryssycakesx3 22

why was he "chilling out" in a parking lot with his "friend" ...

casual_commenter 9

I work in law enforcement. You would be surprised how many times someone runs from a car being pulled over and nobody else in the car knew who that person was. It's truly amazing! I know I let complete strangers in my car all the time!!!

whatwhatindayeah 11

there is always a time and a place this was neither

Plot twist, the cop is corrupted and they're going to participate in a drive-by to steal drugs.

cryssycakesx3 22

if you were to steal drugs wouldn't it have to be a pull up and park?

Perhaps that's why the cop asked what they were doing...suspiciously.

Well, at least your friend has a good sense of humor. Unfortunately, the cop- not so much.

"Good"? By who's standards? Yours? No. It was stupid and uncalled for. You may as well start cracking incest jokes at your family reunion or as someone already mentioned, joking about a bomb at an airport.

Lol, something like that happened to me as well. Instead of ending up in the back of a cop car, I ran away waving my hands like a lunatic.

Rainhawk94 27

You're a bigger idiot than op's friend then

Joking or not, police are trained not to take chances. Especially with drugs

I would recommend maybe not doing that next time..

It wasn't op who spoked to the cop, it was his friend

Thanks for clearing that up. I was completely oblivious to that fact!