By goodgrief - United States - Rio Rancho
Today, I parked next to a police officer's car in a bad part of town. When I got out, I saw a bag of pot on the ground between the cop's car and mine. When I pointed it out to him, he insisted it was mine and interrogated me to the point of tears. FML
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  capper44  |  18

But i wonder if OP knows that she have every right to refuse to answer his questions, as officer don't have any proof. But some dumb-ass officers take advantage of people's fear. For their fun....

  SolanumX  |  6

If you refuse to answer a police officers question it can be grounds for further investigation based off reasonable suspicion, which the courts would probably honor.

  kinky44  |  28

@19, it is more than you think. They have to be suspicious of everyone and everything so they can do their job. if they went around giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, too many criminals would still be on the streets.

  dontpanic_fml  |  32

#2 stated that it is a police officer's job to ALWAYS suspect EVERYBODY of a crime. That's false. I'm not saying the police are going around hesitating to get involved in any potential criminal activity unless they're really REALLY sure the person did it, nobody said that.