By missblue97 / Friday 23 December 2016 08:55 / United States
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  katty18724  |  25

Just because you don't like your step parent doesn't mean that they aren't parents.. I'm a step mom to a wonderful 3 year old and she loves and looks up to me.

  trollcrusher  |  17

Yes, we're all entitled to our opinions. The thing is, you projected your opinion as a fact; your wording asserted that no step-mother can be a parent, when you could've just said "my step-mom isn't like a parent to me".

It's an important distinction, one which you didn't make; I think that's why you raised some hackles here.

  Bearsmomma  |  30

Why on earth would would it happen often enough to "get used to it"?
I think most adults avoid saying things like that around their children (grown or not). Making eyes or sneaky whispers and hints, maybe, by it not just outright and on purpose.


Not everyone has biological parents who are living, or nice people. Some people consider their step mom a parent and love her as they would a biological parent. Just because you don't like your step mother, doesn't mean other people can't think of theirs as a parent.

By  RichardPencil  |  25

It could have been worse in so many ways.

He could have known you were in the room.
He could have asked for "booty" in "comment moderated" language.
He could have given the real reason he wanted booty.
I could go on...

By  Tarlachia  |  33

That's not as bad as a drunk stepdad perverting a classic Dr. Seuss book on my mother by saying "One fish (twist her nipple), two fish (twist her other nipple), red fish (grab her waist), blue fish (thrust himself on her)!"

We were at a family friendly party, and the adults got a tad too drunk. Clothes remained on, but still it wasn't kid friendly anymore. Not something a 13 year old kid is expecting to see when he walks into the kitchen for a glass of water.

I wasn't that thirsty anymore.

By  scyth3s  |  13

Your parents, even step parents have sex. Grow the fuck up and deal with it. I don't think I'll ever understand why we're so touchy about parental sex. It is NORMAL.

  Misoranomegami  |  16

Not just normal but desirable and a good thing. Couples should have a healthy sex life, even if they have kids old enough to be on fml. News flash, most of our grandparents are probably still knocking boots regularly if their health allows.

  TaoShaman  |  24

The majority of people don't really want to think about relatives having sex. They know it's likely that they are, but having it discussed right in front of you kind of forces you to think about it. Also plenty of couples don't have sex. It's not a requirement for a healthy relationship if it's mutually agreed that they don't find it mandatory.

By  torrea  |  19

It's not the end of the world, I could understand he did something instead of talking about it. If you haven't yet, you will someday and it won't be so bad.

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