By Anonymous / Friday 14 March 2014 05:07 / Australia - Brighton
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  AwkwardPimp  |  5

Or a bomb on a nearby bus...


36 & 93: comment hijacking is rude. Just saying. 52: I haven't D: I must go watch it now. I imagine it's similar to the time my teenage niece found my old Walkman and wanted to plug it into the computer...

By  antonia789  |  17

Well the police definatly have their priorities in check

  tranced_  |  39

fuck the police !

By  thebash14  |  7

Treyvon Martin


So true, where I live every pay phone has been either destroyed, isn't connected or simply vanished and all that remains of them is the booth. God forbid you go with out a cell phone in my town.

  amisenho  |  11

True. Most of my poverty-stricken neighbors still manage to have smartphones, cable, and high-speed internet. You'd have to be pretty damn ghetto (or, in this case, suspicious) to resort to using a payphone in my neck of the woods.

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