By Anonymous - 14/03/2014 05:07 - Australia - Brighton

Today, I had the cops called on me for acting suspiciously. I was using a payphone. FML
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There might be a gun in the top, with a mysterious caller/murderer dictating your every movement. I use movies as real-life examples too.

It's now illegal if you make a call that is not on an iPhone


There might be a gun in the top, with a mysterious caller/murderer dictating your every movement. I use movies as real-life examples too.

You hear a phone ring and it could be anybody. But a ringing phone has to be answered, doesn't it?

HowAreYouToday 34

Guys. You don't understand. He was trying to escape the matrix but the agents found out.

He was clearly putting on his superman costume...

Or a bomb on a nearby bus...

hugozac88 22

At #1 so many flaws with that movie lol

BubbleGrunge 18

OP was obviously trying to travel back through time to find historical figures so that he and his BFF pass their history presentation.

incoherentrmblr 21

Seems legit...

Trying to sneak into the Ministry of Magic?

It was actually a suicide booth.

Maybe he/she was a secret agent trying to get to CONTROL H.Q. Damn it! OP was only trying to prevent an act of terrorism. All is lost because of that nosey neighbor!

Maybe he was about to travel through time and space with one or two of his companions.

strawberrywine22 27

I can see how it would look suspicious. Kids these days don't know what they are! Probably thought it was a giant bomb or something :P

hugozac88 22

You must have been holding the phone in a creepy like manner for them to call the cops on you

Yeah... Have you watched 'Kids React to Rotary Phones' on youtube? :D

LadyQuantum 7

I guess you were probably behaving in a shifty manner; hence the cops were called.

strawberrywine22 27

36 & 93: comment hijacking is rude. Just saying. 52: I haven't D: I must go watch it now. I imagine it's similar to the time my teenage niece found my old Walkman and wanted to plug it into the computer...

I used to pretend they were spaceships when I was little.

some people have way to many trust issues

...and phobias of payphones apparently.

Payphones??? They still have these... I haven't seen a payphone in years. I would say you are up to no good, suspicious looking bastard...

#100 Probably has never seen a pay phone.

What? They're not there just to look decorative?!

Maybe they thought OP was Dr Who. Phone booths were his favorite mode of transport... ;)

Police box, not a pay phone lol.

Just wait till people begin to notify the police about people "suspiciously" reading a newspaper.

Any son of a bitch who dares read the paper in MY town gonna find himself in a whole lot of hurt!

Well the police definatly have their priorities in check

fuck the police !

ZY1431 24

its more like the person who called the police...

Yes, the police are quite defiant.

@24, no, fuck YOU

Fuck the police? But I bet you call the police when you're in a life threatening situation huh?

It's now illegal if you make a call that is not on an iPhone

SkyGuy32 17

Hell, try making a call at all. "What's that? Is that like texting?"

Shit!I gotta throw out my Samsung!

Sounds like someone has never seen a pay phone

ElementaryEdGuy 18

It's 2014. That is suspicious.

So true, where I live every pay phone has been either destroyed, isn't connected or simply vanished and all that remains of them is the booth. God forbid you go with out a cell phone in my town.

buttcramp 21

83, it is like that here too! I'm always nervous when I don't have my car charger for my cell phone.

True. Most of my poverty-stricken neighbors still manage to have smartphones, cable, and high-speed internet. You'd have to be pretty damn ghetto (or, in this case, suspicious) to resort to using a payphone in my neck of the woods.

Wow, it's getting really hard for Superman to change in secret these days.

Well at least he'll always have those elevator shafts.