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Today, I received a friend request on Facebook from my biological father, who I have never met in my life. As I was scrolling through his hobbies and interests, I saw "Drinking," "Black women with big asses," and "Getting laid, lol." FML
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well as long as you're not a black woman with a large bottom, I don't think you need to worry


well as long as you're not a black woman with a large bottom, I don't think you need to worry

*your spell check is there for a reason...

Spell check won't correct that, more like grammar check but grammar checks suck.

16 you're eyes are badly photoshopped.... also 12 fails

12, that was the correct form. don't try to be a grammar nazi when you don't even know the difference between grammar and spelling. also, 12, YOU'RE an idiot

18 - No point in telling 12 that they fail when you clearly used the wrong "YOUR" as well. "You are eyes are badly photoshopped" doesn't make sense.

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26-It was an intentional mistake to provoke people like you. Your the one that made the mistake.

so then #12, how long have you been trolling for?

12, who cares how it's spelled you get what she was saying still so who cares. if you have nothing better to do then point out something like that then you must have a pretty boring life to care about something like that, I mean really wow

haha, this made me laugh. When correcting someones grammar, please verify the integrity of the sentence.

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ah that WAS funny. you are=you're Tada!

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77- Here's one example of why punctuation is very important. There's a big difference betWeen "I was born to kill, President Obama" and "I was born to kill President Obama." One lands you a CIA job that you're applying for, one lands you in a secret military facility for life. There's also "I wanna ****, dad." and "I wanna **** dad." Both awkward conversations most people don't have, but only one that creeps us all out.

12- I'm going to assume you've been speaking English far too long to believe a fallacy actually holds true. and regardless of a bad ps job, I think 16 is gorgeous.

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their is so much trolling here, like gosh..

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# 12 you need grammar lessons that is totally WRONG!!

What.. she did nothing wrong. She was saying you are, therefore used the term "you're".

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glad he has his priorities straight

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84 here's an example of capitalisation. Helping your Uncle Jack off a horse and helping your Uncle jack off a horse.

It is so great to see so many errors. I bet it would be a lot better if I cared about them. But people correcting others with a sentence that is also incorrect is just priceless. Nazis lost for a reason and this kind of stupidity could be why.

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18 wrong your the English is not hard : you're/ you are

their is so many comments about you're mistake I can't do this. It's hard to make grammatical errors when I'm in Asian-mode.

You dip wad! EvilDoll said it right. You're the one that is wrong, jerk! >:/ P.S. you're= you are your is a possesive pronoun yes, i am a nerd

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wow that's a simple comment to block not your fault you're stupid.

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she used the right one you+are=you're

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a kid would have just crimped his style.

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I think i could get along with OP's biological dad

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Now we know why you never met him!

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that's actually pretty normal


I probably have those three items "liked" as well.

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I don't see how this is a FML, I meet my biological dad only a few times, never really cared to get to know him, considering how he left. So **** him, deny that FR, and move on with your life.