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Today, is the anniversary of my cat's death, so I went to visit her grave in the pet cemetery. Someone had spray-painted "Your cat sucks" on her grave. FML
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when your cat rises out of that pet cemetery and goes after them, they'll be sorry


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they should of wrote "your cat licks"

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Wow... YDI for actuallly burying your cat in a pet cemetery. I thought those only existed in Stephen King novels. That's just weird and slightly pathetic. Also, not only did you remember the exact date of your cat's death, but you went to visit it's grave on it's anniversary. Good lord, you're going to die alone. Yep, I'm calling it.

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they should make a zombie pets movie

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23 I agree it's immensely pathetic ugh

23 - OP could have had that cat for years for all we know. either way, pets become part of the family and your heart. my cat was stolen a few years ago and I was worried day and night if she was being abused or not. it doesn't meant you're crazy (although the pet cemetery might be a little much, I'd honestly burry it in my back yard, but to each his own) it means you have a heart.

I don't think anybody deserves this.

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31 I definitely understand what you're saying but I feel that OP has gone way above and beyond the normal response to a pet's death and therefore is a lonely, odd-ball recluse. Ironically enough, the cat that my family has owned and loved for 17 years had just died last week after living a full life. I enjoyed having it as a pet but I am in no way going to celebrate him in his death like OP has gone out of her way to do. It's a pet cat, it's not a sibling for Christ's sake! Hell, it's not even a dog! OP needs to let it go and not be an allstar creepster about it.

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I so agree with 23. chicks man, it's just a ******* cat who cares

Wow 23, your just a **** arnt ya! Pets become part of peoples family and losing them is hard. Sometimes even harder than losing a human relative as you see your pet EVERY day! I have MANY friends and will NOT die alone, but yet I remember when my cat was put to sleep. The day, the month and the time! Actually its 4 months 2moro. Cause my cat was not only my baby, he SAVED my life. So before you judge someone! Ohhh, and YOU WILL die alone... Im sure of it.

P.S. I cremated my cat. Hes on a shelf in my room. May be weird but people do what they feel is right. And sorry, didn't know you were Jesus with all your judging.

I would rather pple cremate their pets than bury them, just to prevent contamination.

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54 you need to calm down babe. I have a feeling you've misjudged those people around you as your friends when it seems, in fact, that they're just afraid of upsetting you for fear that you'll just go on a ridiculous rant like your display above. And I could have guessed that an emotionally unstable, physically awkward woman such as yourself would, in fact, have their cat's ashes on a shelf in their room. Just because your cat helped you get passed your depression as a young child caused by your social inadequacies stated previously doesn't mean you need to defend it's honor when nothing was said about it. Now quietly go cry in the corner while repeating your cat's name like you do every other day.

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Wait, how is a DOG more worthy of love and proper burial than a cat?? Explain that to me.

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54, I agree that the cat is worthy of burial and can become a huge part of someone's life BUT keeping the ashes on your shelf? You make the OP look normal. Its kinda creepy.

I agree with 23. Yeah we understand that you had a cat and you loved it a lot but it's a cat. It's not normal to remember the very hour your cat died the go visit it's grave at that time. I wouldn't even thing about doing anything that you did, OP. Truth is, is that you just need to grow up and get over it.

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23-27-32- for one **** you. and two how is it pathetic to bury your cat in a cemetery? your saying just pick the dead cat up and chuck it to the side of the road? thats messed up but since you don't seem to care much for things getting buried how bout when you die I'll do you a favor and dig you up and throw you on the side of the road. that sound good with you?

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I can explain why a dog is more worthy than a cat. 1. dog is mans best friend 2. your dog will come to u when u call it's name 3. you can teach a dog tricks 4. a dog can guard ur house 5. dogs can catch criminals 6. dogs can rescue people I could probably go on and on as to why a dog is more worthy than a cat.

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*cough* well in answer to your list. My cat comes when I call My cat knows tricks (he fetches) The cat is more loving and more worthy of the "best friend" thingy than the dog I had was. A pet cat my grandfather has woke him up by scratching when the bedroom was on fire So he may not guard my house or catch burglers but thats what alarms are for. Cats are as worthy as dogs and there are plenty instances of cats rescuing owners, not just my example. You can train a cat to do many things but they are more independant and too small to be rescue animals.

well i disagree i think cats are better here are my reasons -after a while they do come when you call them -cleaner -easier to hug -not that noisy -a lot more intelligent -they can be taught tricks too -if they sleep with you, you won't die of dehidratation because of how hot the bed got this list is coming from a person eho has cats and lost his dog a week ago

115, your comment is completely invalid. My cat is plenty of peoples best friend, most loving cat in the world if she knows you. As soon as you call her she comes to you. If I tell her to quit being lazy and go hunt, she'll go and hunt until she catches something. She doesn't use a litter box, she'll ask to go outside. If you're not supposed to be in the house or yard, she will attack until you leave or someone tells her to stop. And she caught the guy who was stealing bottles and cans from the shed in my yard. Cats are intelligent and if you take the time to teach them they're even faster to train than a dog I find. And no, I'm not a huge cat lover, I much prefer dogs.

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dogs are way better. cats are annoying and i kick them if they walk in my yard

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115 please shut your mouth. i trained my cat to come to me when i say his name and rub my fingers together. who cares if dog is "man best friend". Dogs are more common then cats, but it doesnt mean they are better. also, my cat beat the living shit out of a dog. also, dogs have to go through alot of training to be able to catch criminals. Dogs dont always "save the day" either, sometimes they jsut sit there. cats catch mice and all that crap, as well as they dont make a huge mess and can defend themselves. meaning you can let them outside, and they will come back. cats know how to fend for themselves. cats are also more flufffy and furry and nice to have around, sometimes, dogs just get in te way or annoy you. if you care for your cat well, it wont scratch you. they only scratch you if you deserve it. im a guy and i have a cat. yes i have a dog as well and they both deserve a proper burial. i could go on and on about how wrong you are.

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whatever. and if u like cats and ur a guy ur a Fag in my opinion. thumb it down cuz it's true

shes right, u are an ass. leave her alone she's young and ur harsh as!

it's hard to think u know nething about animals since the dog in ur photo has flat ears. for a German Shepard that means u ****** with it's ears when it was very young meaning ur dog doesn't look like a normal German Shepard just coz u don't know shit bout dogs n ****** up congratz!

comment 1 is for 23 comment 2 is for the wankers who r telling this person that they don't give a funk bout their cat an comment 3 is for that duche 145

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my dog is mixed so of course its not goin to look like a full bred german shepard. what a dumb comment. stupid bitch

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68, I don't care what your beliefs are, but if YOU don't want to be the one who dies alone, keep your comments to yourself

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wow pathetic. I don't get why people do that. why would you drop like a grand to burry your cat in a "pet cemetery" when you can walk into the back yard and burry the ugly sob there. I'm not heartless I love animals I just don't see any logic coming from it. I loved my dog but I didn't take him to no pet cemetery I put him somewhere he would of wanted to be not some place that's a sham to make money from dumb people like op

82: Wow. You really are an ass. My depression that I do infact have was caused by being sexually molested for 17 and a half years starting at the young age of 6. You jerk. My friends are actually my friends and care a lot. You wouldnt know cause you dont have any... Unstable? Im more stable than you and pretty sure Ive been through more shit than you ever been through.

104: At the time I thought it was the best desicion. Hes on a shelf til I can spread his ashes.

172: I bet you think its ok to shoot a dying cat in the head and bury it rather than taking it to the vet to be put down so you can save money? True story. People do that. Sick people.

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dogs are just morw important than cats. i eould never take a cat to the vet. not worth the money

By the way whoever said I have no real friends, why dont you ask Steven Tylers youngest daughter that. Shes one of my closest friends.

brt3420 13

yea I actually did but spending 12 cents to cleanly shoot a cat in the head is a hell of a lot better then me driving an hour into town to find a vet to pay to do the same thing I just did except with a needle. you dumb **** don't tell me what's right and wrong for putting down an animal when you don't know anything to start out with.

54- 23 is a **** and ur fat, nobody's perfect ;)

115, im a dog person and i honestly dont like cats that much, but saying cats arent worthy of being burried is just stupid. cat people can list reasons as to why cats are better then dogs.

if you love your pet its not pathetic to want to bury it in a pet cemetery or remember when it died. and about the "dogs are better" "cats are better" argument. you can fight all you want it's you're opinion so don't insult people for liking something. obviously I love my cat and I would want to bury it either in my backyard unless I was planning on moving then id bury it in a cemetery. and you know what? I have tons of friends and even a boyfriend. Nothing wrong with loving a pet you concider a family member.

--- bottom line OP--- you didn't deserve to have this done to you.. I'm truly sorry someone vandalized something that meant a lot to you. I don't care wether it was a cat, dog, bird, hamster- it was something that you loved - and no one deserves that. If I were there- I would help you clean it off.

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120- so he had a burglar alarm but not a fire alarm? wtff?

@55 you're judging him too maybe he got assaulted by a cat? you don't know stupid christian

wow, people are making up colorful stories these days..

You chose this FML to post that on.... haha this FML is actually believable.

Thats part of the reason I got my cat cremated. sorry for your loss OP. Our cats have the same death aniversary. :(

sorry i laughed on this 1 but do love cats too

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wow what a pussy you are OP just a ******* cat you need to man up a bit!

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it's a CAT not a person. people who spend money on stupid crap like this make me sick. people who love their animals more or equal to kids or other humans have something mentally wrong with them

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284 and 290, being assholes on FML shows you both must really be losers outside the Internet world. Maybe this cat got her through tough times. Sometimes pets are more of a reliable companion than a human. Did it ever occur to you that people have feelings? Wouldn't you be sad if your pet of many years died and someone pulled that stunt on you?

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Thank you! I was emotionally wrecked when my cat that comforted me through my grandmother's death passed on. OP, I feel your pain.

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290 - People like you don't deserve happiness.

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Your a ******* idiot what the **** is your problem! Some people can't have kids so ya they do love their animals like their kids! Sometimes people get really attached to their pets and when they die it's a big loss

thats rediculous! ofcourse people are going to love their animals, its people like you that make me sick for not even caring!

ummm there is nothing wrong with that.

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aww that's so mean! Dont take it personally. It was probably some punk kid trying to be funny. sorry for your loss

It's a cat!! Buy another one n' shut up.

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@283 i hope someone says that if your partner dies before you. assuming you get one...

why do people always wish death of loved one on animal death FML's.... really now

whatsup with white people and they're cats?

Plot Twist: The cat rose from the dead and, out of anger that OP now has another cat, wrote that the new cat sucks on the only tablet he could find.

when your cat rises out of that pet cemetery and goes after them, they'll be sorry

brt3420 13

no I don't think I'd be scared of a dead cat coming at me. I'd just kick it in the face and watch the rotting head fly.

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win :D that book is awesome

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yea dude write on a grave thats not there dumb ****

79- Uhh let's see. People die. Dumb ****.

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190 - uuuuhhh, well the guy who painted the grave, didn't die YET. Dumb ****.

you are both retarded it dun matter if he died or not if they don't know who vandalized it dumbfucks

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or just kill him then do it :P it'd be funnier to piss on his grave now that a think about it.


All cats do suck! They're filthy nasty animals.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Cats are nowhere near as filthy and nasty as dogs. And everyone loves dogs. Go figure.

i have a cat and dogs and the cat is soo annoying meows nonstop and scratches up our furniture

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Dogs shit everywhere and bark like mad over nothing. And they smell horrible. It's all personal preference really, so whatever. No argument.

my dog has a designared ******** spot in our house which is kinda sad,. but other then the one they both behave well

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But dogs can express emotions. With their ears. So yeah.

133 And not all cats miaow constantly and scratch furniture. All cats and dogs have unique personalities, likewise of a human. You cannot base your opinion of an animal of one occurance. I have a dog and two cats and I adore them all but I like cats better in general. Usually, they are easier to take care of and I being a lazy person, like it.

I see a new group of crazy cat ladies trying to spread their wings on FML. hahaha cats are nasty. All cats even the hairless ones shed dander and or hair every where and their piss is toxic.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Dogs shed too, dumbass. Answer me this: Why is it that apparently there is nothing wrong with being obsessed with a dog, calling it best friend, running through fields and taking baths with it, etc., but anyone who finds comfort and friendship in a fuzzy little cat is considered a batshit crazy loner ****? Regardless of what some of you say, there is no REAL difference between a cat and a dog in terms of being an animal friend that you care for and love.

Pet War!!! seriously why are you guys dissing eachothers K-9 and Felines. all animals are different. this site is supposed to be fun not a debate

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VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

As opposed to all the other animals buried in a pet cemetery..

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Exactly my thought. Its a cat get over it. Its not a human its a freaking animal ya bunch of hippies

#342 I feel like you we're never hugged as a child

Pet Sematery.. Your cat must have done something after death.

iLazy? more like iStupid. BURRRRNNNN!! *puts sunglasses on* aha jk. But really, you're spelling and grammar is atrocious.

Wait.. No grammar, just the spelling of 'Cemetery'. But let me guess, you was referencing some movie? *hangs head in shame for questioning your ability*

Coccinelle_fml 15

Some book actually. Pet Sematary by Stephen King. (it was a movie too though) The scariest book in history.

FYI... *are* should follow "spelling and grammar" not *is*

You're supposed to put sunglasses on before the punch... epic failureness.

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naw only in your deluded mind

Groucho_fml 5

"You are" spelling and grammar is atrocious? FYI, the correct term would be "your." 'praps you should make sure your own spelling and grammar is correct before pitifully attempting to correct someone else.