By michelle - 15/11/2015 15:21 - Netherlands - Amsterdam

Today, while my husband was at work, he missed our son saying his first word ("Dada"), taking his first steps and smashing the widescreen TV with a well-aimed teddy bear. Care to guess which of these three things made my husband cry. FML
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is his teddy bear made of solid brick?

How does a small child smash a TV with a teddy bear


How does a small child smash a TV with a teddy bear

It probably toppled over after getting hit. Not really impossible. Sucks though :/ Congrats on the rest anyway OP. Be happy with the little things :)

I agree with #3. The bear probably knocked the tv over and it falling is what caused it to smash

Plot twist: all these events happened on the same day; It is in fact a Super Baby, which I think makes the TV-smashing fiasco make a lot more sense.

TV wasn't secured to the wall. Time to baby proof!

Not a plot twist 42... it DID happen in the day, as stated in the FML.

I think the bigger question is, who wants to baby proof the house? I got some zip ties and combo locks.

Tears of joy? :D

Kids really are expensive hahaha

Less than that flatscreen apparently

is his teddy bear made of solid brick?

why are so many people finding it hard to believe that a teddy can't smash a tv I mean considering the technological advancement they are producing ultra slim led tv's that are way too light in weight and could easily break if dropped on the floor or something. .

AkBunny907 18

A stuffed animal being thrown at your tv by an infant vs. dropping your tv on the floor are two very different things. I personally understand the disbelief.

It's sarcasm, 13

The teddy bear could have knocked the tv off of its plateform and hitting the floor, my nephew has done it twice..

The poor poor tv, I would cry too.

While saying his first words and taking first steps is a great moment, I can't imagine the common response is to break down and start crying but idk never had a kid before

How did you smash a tv with a teddy? Was it wooden? Even so I don't think he could throw it hard enough to break it

It probably fell over when it got hit

LiLMAMA0523 35

As a mother of two, you'd be surprised to learn that even the smallest object can cause the most damage.

Pretty solid teddy bear.

pphead 5

Either that tv is made of really fragile glass or your baby has super strength

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Tv smashed = death in the family

Dodge4x4Ram 46

? that teddy bear had a strong nose.

That it took THIS long for him to say dada?! Jk. #RIP Widescreen TV