By michelle - Netherlands - Amsterdam
Today, while my husband was at work, he missed our son saying his first word ("Dada"), taking his first steps and smashing the widescreen TV with a well-aimed teddy bear. Care to guess which of these three things made my husband cry. FML
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  NeatNit  |  32

Plot twist: all these events happened on the same day; It is in fact a Super Baby, which I think makes the TV-smashing fiasco make a lot more sense.

  tranced_  |  44

why are so many people finding it hard to believe that a teddy can't smash a tv I mean considering the technological advancement they are producing ultra slim led tv's that are way too light in weight and could easily break if dropped on the floor or something. .

  AkBunny907  |  18

A stuffed animal being thrown at your tv by an infant vs. dropping your tv on the floor are two very different things. I personally understand the disbelief.

  ThatOneChick856  |  36

I'm assuming it's on of those battery-operated teddy bears that speak/sing/etc, so the weight and hard shell of the battery pack probably caused the break.

  stingray112  |  24

While saying his first words and taking first steps is a great moment, I can't imagine the common response is to break down and start crying but idk never had a kid before