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Today, after over a year of lifestyle changes and a ritualistic exercise regime, I finally reached my goal weight. I excitedly told my boyfriend, and he responded, "Yeah, that's nice, but now your tits are tiny". FML
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She should tell him that his dick is small for her now?

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Why is he bad? Girls with small **** r gross. They look like 10 yr old boys. Woman r meant to have boobs.

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25- just be quiet from now on.

25- You won't get anywhere with anyone with that attitude.

Sorry some of us were born with small boobs. Guess we aren't meant to be women.

25, shut the **** up, you've probably never seen a girl's breasts in your life. I know tons of gorgeous women with small boobs and I know a lot of guys who prefer them. And as for "women were meant to have big boobs" no we most certainly are not. Big oversized boobs cause back problems.

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I personally like small ****. I don't know why but I just do.

I personally think they're better. They stay perky and are less likely to sag over the years. My friend always used to tell me "any more than a handful is a waste"

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^I have to agree 100% with that, it's so true.

more than a mouthful is wasteful according to the guys round here~~~

Has seriously not a single person here thought of the possibility of it being a joke? You ppl take things to serious -.-'

I've heard before that when a girl with A cups hugs you, she's letting you closer to her heart. Mere anecdotal evidence, but rings true, nonetheless. I like small breasts. Easier to find lumps that shouldn't be there!

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Having big boobs isn't exactly fun. There are certain clothing styles you can't wear because it's too revealing even though it's not meant to be. And when you have big boobs, but yet you're a small person - good luck. Nothing fits. Sorry, just being bitter haha. Anyways, making sure you're healthy & happy with yourself is way more important than your boyfriend's superficial desires.

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Hey, at least you got where you want to be! Don't listen to him, you should feel awesome because you actually had the self-discipline to continuously work out.

Tell him to **** off, it takes lots of dedication to make a commitment to get that done, he really doesnt appreciate all the rules, boundaries and rountines taht you had to put in place. On the upside, you can refuse sex with him for that >:D

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#48 that's what my guy friend tells me all the time! I guess some guys just prefer small boobs!

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I should try exercising! Maybe my **** would shrink... Who am I kidding... Im a lazy fatass with big saggy moobs. Dear autocorrect, yes I meant ******* moobs, stop changing it to moons.

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Hey I think everyone is forgetting that more than a handful is wasteful. :) Edit: damn 48 didn't see you there. -.-

I don't think it matters. As long as you know how to flatter them with the right clothes, all sizes look good. If he loves you however, your boobs should always be beautiful to him. After I gained allot of weight after letting go of depression meds my boyfriend called me pleasantly plump. When I called myself a cow, he claimed to be my bull. :)

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It's all about the boobies! xP

@151 The first step to weightloss training is admitting you have a problem =] Now follow through and make your life better

Wow I get your are defending small breasts but it's also sounds mean for people with Big breasts basically breasts don't make you a woman if you feel like a woman you are!

hopefully you did it for yourself and not him

agreed. i mean, boobs are nice if they have them but it's not the end of the world if they're small. i like nice legs....and personality of course takes the cake

If you feel like you need bigger breast, get implants =]

116 - No. She doesn't need big boobs and implants look and feel ******* aweful.

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#67 where have guys like you been hiding!?

I agree with 67. While attractiveness is a major role in relationships, personalities play a bigger role (in the few relationships I've had anyways). Besides, isn't beauty in the eye of the beholder?

I was just saying its an option if she felt bad enough about it

It's a bittersweet accomplishment. As long as you're happy, that's all that really matters.

How is that even close to bittersweet. She's a much healthier person now and that can only mean a better and longer life. She doesnt need big ****. Although they are nice I'd prefer a healthy girl over an unhealthy girl

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I think she meant sweet because op is healthy and in better shape but bitter because her boyfriend is a complete and total ass and hurt her feelings.

You know getting loosing weight isn't that easy right...

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100 - that was mean but pretty damn funny. LOL

Hey smbeal in retrospect it would be your guys friends rubbing your dick saying good job not the girlfriends/wifes friends

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This is one of the many FMLs where this comment is totally appropriate.

You don't deserve any of those up votes

Ok my comments may suck. But these are worse...

5 - try to come up with better comments, for example: •"make a remark about his **** size" •"you should tell him your tiny **** aren't his" That is all.

If FML was like golf i would be doing awesome.....

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The exodus of the tig o' bitties

Well he became your bf back then because he liked your looks You've changed them (probably for the better in most people's opinion), so now he needs to get used to them

It's not like OP changed looks overnight.

I hear the itty bitty titty committee is taking new members now

I hear the asshole committee is taking member too!!

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Haha y'all people to into this stuff man comeon

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There's implants for that if you actually care, if you don't (which is what I'm hoping for) then tell him maybe you'll get implants if his manhood grows. That should shut him up.

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Implants! Tell me ur not serious!

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10" I want you to caress your boobs right now! plastics don't feel the same. ps don't give people advice your not good at it.